A Summary of Home’s Release (And a free read)

Wow, it's been some kind of week. Click on the third picture for your giveaway 😉 On August 1st, I released "Home: A Dystopian Journey." You can buy that on Amazon by clicking here. A lot went into that release, from a last-second book trailer to managing my expectations. The pre-order numbers weren't great, so … Continue reading A Summary of Home’s Release (And a free read)

Creepy Story from Dupont, Indiana

Recently, while surfing the site (is that an expression?) http://www.ghostsofamerica.com, I stumbled across a terrifying tale from Dupont. It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. I've been checking all the towns near me, and most of the stories are pretty bland, but this... wow. I'll post it here, exactly worded as the … Continue reading Creepy Story from Dupont, Indiana

Werifesteria Sample

The yellow sign stood by the road, its color a thousand times brighter because of the fire. Dancing, brilliant flames were reflected on its shiny surface, blinding anybody who stared for too long. “Church” was written in deep, black letters against the sunny background color, shining in the night. Terrible, harsh light stood out against … Continue reading Werifesteria Sample

Castle de la Phantom: Part 3

3 “Get out of my way,” the Count growled as he entered the main room. People didn’t take notice of him at first, but then he shouted and they quickly moved aside. “What is it, sir?” the Mayor asked nervously. “Has something happened?” “Where is the spiked club?” the Count demanded. “I need it.” One … Continue reading Castle de la Phantom: Part 3

Castle de la Phantom Part 2

2 “How nice to see you!” the Count exclaimed, rushing over. He embraced the figure in a hug, which was not returned. “I… I’m sorry I’m late,” said the nervous voice of a young woman. She threw back her hood, revealing flowing, brown hair and a face that was drawn taut over her bones. “It’s … Continue reading Castle de la Phantom Part 2

She Watches Excerpt Leaked!

Some despicable scoundrel has leaked an excerpt of She Watches to the public! This treason will not go unpublished, nor forgiven! This is a terrible act, and has left my emotional state of being in shatters. *Disclaimer: It was me* While I hunt this traitor down, take some time to yourself and enjoy this sneak … Continue reading She Watches Excerpt Leaked!