Three New Stories

3 stories, 20,000 words.

This is a little something for your isolation. I’ve attached a short description for each one below and the genres it fits into. I think you’ll enjoy these stories. All of them have a different experience waiting for you, different experiences and moments that morphed into these stories. You’ll find similarities with the present world, with my other works, and more than anything a slight reprise from reality.

My goal is that you’ll find a bit of hope and something to carry with you.

The Stories

Awful Sound—Dystopia, Romance, Mystery
4,500 words

A town filled with fear. People dropping dead. A young couple caught in the middle of it all. They have no escape, only chance for survival. A thin chance.

I See The World Through Darkness—Mystery, Suspense
13,000 words

The huge house is filled with fog, shadows, and mystery. The old lady knows more than she’ll tell. But the truth lies in the forest. And its secrets are creeping through the walls.

Wild—Romance, Thriller, Dystopia
2,500 words

They’re running out of food, out of gas, out of time. The landscape stretches forever until they finally see a town in the distance. But they don’t know what’s waiting.

Get Your Copies Here

Download Awful Sound

Download I See The World Through Darkness

Download Wild

If there are any problems downloading, shoot me an email at and we’ll work stuff out. It won’t be a problem.

On a less important but also kinda important note, how can you help me out? Since I’m not charging for these stories, the best way you can help is by buying one of my books from Amazon. If you can’t do that, then simply sharing my work with a few friends/coworkers/family members would be fantastic.

Most importantly, stay safe, stay clean, and enjoy this time with your family members. Oh, and read some books. I’ve heard those things are good.

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