Castle de la Phantom Part 2

2 “How nice to see you!” the Count exclaimed, rushing over. He embraced the figure in a hug, which was not returned. “I… I’m sorry I’m late,” said the nervous voice of a young woman. She threw back her hood, revealing flowing, brown hair and a face that was drawn taut over her bones. “It’s … Continue reading Castle de la Phantom Part 2

She Watches Excerpt Leaked!

Some despicable scoundrel has leaked an excerpt of She Watches to the public! This treason will not go unpublished, nor forgiven! This is a terrible act, and has left my emotional state of being in shatters. *Disclaimer: It was me* While I hunt this traitor down, take some time to yourself and enjoy this sneak … Continue reading She Watches Excerpt Leaked!

NEW STORY: Beautiful Tears

An emotional, powerful story about love, forgiveness, and mercy... Two women, shattered, that are nearing death in their own ways... A fight for survival in a world that hates them... Here's my newest short story, called Beautiful Tears! (Available for free here!) Here's a sample: “Please get down. Let’s go have some tea or… or … Continue reading NEW STORY: Beautiful Tears