The Next Eight Months

August 1: Home Release August 16: Gold Collection Release That's a novella and a huge box set, all in the span of roughly two weeks. After almost a year without publishing, this feels great. The sales are back up, some reviews rolling in. Of course, most of that will disappear the instant I take my … Continue reading The Next Eight Months

State of Mind

I haven't posted much since October. Really next to nothing. That's somewhat purposeful, as I went through the loss of my grandpa. Senior year of high school hit me straight-on (very unrelenting). Various health issues over those months. Basically, it's been an extremely busy, sometimes discouraging four months. I won't go into more detail than … Continue reading State of Mind

99 Question Interview: Franklin/Kerr Press

For this very exciting, information-goes-over-my-head 99 question interview, I sat down with Franklin Franks and Kerr Franks of the publishing company Franklin/Kerr Press. Actually, neither of their names are Franklin or Kerr or Franks. But they do have a publishing company! So that's real cool. Read on, and find out more about what's going on. … Continue reading 99 Question Interview: Franklin/Kerr Press

99 Question Interview: Theresa Jacobs

Today, I have author Theresa Jacobs, and because I'm lazy I don't have pictures of her books or anything. Just the questions and answers. 1. So you're an author. How does that work? How did you manage to publish your books? Just give us a brief summary. I’m a panster writer – that means I … Continue reading 99 Question Interview: Theresa Jacobs

Re-Education: Thoughts on education from a very non-educated student

*It was a few of my teachers at CAM (Mrs. Williams, Mr. Kring, and Ms. Muldoon) that taught me to think about school in a different light, about what I was learning rather than what I was being taught. I'd heard the Mark Twain quote, about not letting "school get in the way of your education" … Continue reading Re-Education: Thoughts on education from a very non-educated student

February Thoughts on College Basketball

Missed a month... whoops... anyways, here's my thoughts from the past (two) months. I don't want the season to end *tears* This season has been the craziest I've experienced (and I hope it continues into March Super-Madness) I feel like there's been more ranked teams get upset than... ever? Maybe I'm just dreaming. Indiana... won't … Continue reading February Thoughts on College Basketball

Creepy Story from Dupont, Indiana

Recently, while surfing the site (is that an expression?), I stumbled across a terrifying tale from Dupont. It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. I've been checking all the towns near me, and most of the stories are pretty bland, but this... wow. I'll post it here, exactly worded as the … Continue reading Creepy Story from Dupont, Indiana

Most Haunted Places in Madison, Indiana (And Hanover) PART 2

This one's for you, Madison/Hanover! If you missed Part 1, just click here. ---Comment below and tell me your own spooky tales--- Last time, we looked at some spooky stories, mainly from Madison. This post, we'll move forward with an emphasis on Hanover, as well as some interesting Madison stories that I didn't cover. (And … Continue reading Most Haunted Places in Madison, Indiana (And Hanover) PART 2

December Thoughts on College Basketball

Trae Young from Oklahoma (a.k.a. next Steph Curry) is the best player right now The FBI investigation seems to have disappeared? Having Big 10 play conferences super early is weird SEC or ACC team will win championship Big 10 might really be bad Player of the Year-- Trae Young vs Marvin Bagley Michigan State isn't … Continue reading December Thoughts on College Basketball

My November Thoughts on College Basketball

Marvin Bagley is really good... and should be a senior in high school. Crazy. Arizona will be okay, once they figure out their offense UCLA won't be okay, not even with their freshmen back Alabama has two of the best freshman in the country, and could challenge Kentucky for the SEC. But... Kentucky also has … Continue reading My November Thoughts on College Basketball