Out Now: I See The World Through Darkness

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At midnight, my first new story in over a year releases. This will kick off my first ever book series, and it marks a return to psychological thrillers, which I haven’t written in almost 4 years. Not only will this short novella shock you, in June of 2023 I’ll release the first of three books. You can read a sample of the first one, The Misery House, below.

This new book series is a return to psychological thrillers and horror. But with a twist! While there are frightening antagonists and a stream of tragedies, the main series focuses on 1 family, their unbreakable bond, and overcoming trauma. If you enjoyed my novel Everything, Somewhere, think of this series as that book + some thrills and chills.

First off, this short novella called I See The World Through Darkness introduces you to the town of New Haven, where the whole series takes place. It’s set a century before the events in Books 2-4. Because of that, this story stands alone from the rest of the series, but it’ll offer you a taste of New Haven, the house on the hill, and the tragedies that haunt them both.

Read the description of the short story and Book #1 below. Stay tuned for more information and teasers coming soon!

In this psychological thriller, Bailey is a young woman with big dreams. She travels with Henry to visit his great aunt Sylvia in the massive house above New Haven, hoping for a proposal. The house is still glorious, even past its prime. It’s more than she expected, but also more than she bargained for.

As this slow-burning, descent into madness heats up, her perfect future with Henry seems more and more out of reach. The house grows darker and more menacing. Henry begins to change, and not in the ways Bailey had hoped. At the same time, Sylvia reveals old secrets, as the house’s tragic history starts to repeat itself. Bailey finds herself face-to-face with the dark tragedies that have plagued this home for generations.

With shadows lurking in every room and ghostly specters appearing, Bailey starts to lose her grip on reality and on the man she once loved. Was coming to this house a terrible mistake? And will she ever escape from its grasp?


The abandoned house. A town with a dark history.
You’ve never known a haunted house like this.

New Haven hasn’t seen tragedy like this for centuries. In the rural farming community, a local store burns to the ground with two bodies inside. A newly-wed couple with their own secrets goes missing. This is quickly becoming the deadliest summer anyone can remember, and the unexplained deaths aren’t finished yet. With no answers in sight, the townspeople are on edge.

What evil force is attacking their peaceful community? And what did they do to provoke it?

The Woods family lives just outside of town. Their close bond and sense of justice have kept them safe, but it’s also made them a target. Naomi has been to the house on the hill before, and she vowed to never return. But when Kaia’s best friend goes missing, the nightmares become personal. As the web of secrets is untangled, the Woods, and New Haven, will never be the same.

Fear and paranoia hang over them like a thundercloud. But the stakes are high. Failure could cost them everything. Some outcomes are even worse than death.

The Misery House is a chilling, suspenseful page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end and set the stage for an epic three-book haunting. The Woods’ unputdownable story, about overcoming trauma and standing together in the face of tragedy, will tug at your heartstrings, while it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The house was said to be abandoned, said to be haunted. And it was both of those things, but it was also much more.

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