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The new release, Everything, Somewhere, is my debut novel outside of genre fiction. This is a coming of age, YA novel, set in a small Indiana river town exactly like I grew up. It’s a story of young romance and substance abuse, unlikely friendships and mental illness. Lots of big questions, lots of big life decisions. In the end, it’s a story everyone can relate to, and everyone can see a bit of themselves in the characters.

Speaking of the characters, while the book is YA fiction, there are just as many important adult figures as teenagers. Through a series of flashbacks and stories, I’ve tried to fill in some of Madison’s incredible history and give you a glimpse of its past lives. While I can only do so much over the course of one novel, I think it’ll be a treat to anybody who doesn’t live there. And of course you could always take a trip in person!

It’s no secret, by this point, that the city in question is Madison, Indiana. Below, I have a gallery of some pictures I’ve taken around the community. These give you a glimpse of the setting, one that you’ll explore lots more in the book itself. Not everything is in the novel, which is why the town isn’t just called “Madison” in the book. For instance, there is no Clifty Falls or Hanover College in the novel, but you’ll still find countless similarities and scenes.

There are so many people I could thank already for how it’s gone. Jordon Greene, Theresa Jacobs, Andrew Clegg; all fellow authors I’d highly recommend. Family members and friends, too. But I get to thank those great people and more in the book itself.

Look below for even more information about the book. Consider this website your main source for news. I’m thrilled to finally let you in to this fictional but very real community. Welcome to Little Rush.

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Book Tour And Interviews

For the first time ever, I got to do a brief but exciting book tour for promotion of Everything, Somewhere. A lot of the stops were local and some were in-person, but there’s also over 2 hours of online content for you to check out!

Just head over to this post about the book tour or you can go straight to the online interviews here. If you enjoyed the book, then the interview with Theresa Jacobs is a must-listen! I talk about specific scenes, the potential for a sequel, and much more. Give it a watch!

Book Trailer 1

Character Teasers

Thanks for checking out the page! If you’re still undecided, I recommend checking out the Chapters 1-3 sample. It just might hook you 🙂



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