Recent Interviews!

I’ve done quite a few different interviews over the past few months in varying formats. This page is to have them all in one place, easily accessible for you! I’ll update it as new ones happen and try to post a reminder on social media whenever I do.

This book launch and subsequent tour has been a fantastic experience, made possible by all of you who bought a copy and those who left reviews on Amazon. I’m not sure what the future holds or what the next book will be, but it’s encouraging to know how many of you actually enjoy reading mine. I’m sure you’ll equally enjoy these interviews!

WORX Local Interview

This interview is about 20 minutes long and maybe my favorite so far. We talk about a lot of topics and discuss how this book relates to the local community.

Author Chat with Theresa Jacobs

This interview was a blast and you can find the link to watch right here. We dove further into the background of the novel, talked about specific scenes, and speculated about a potential sequel. It’s chock-full of material you won’t want to miss! If you loved the novel, this is an essential watch.

WKM Local Interview

To watch this interview, just click this link and head to their website. I’m hoping to have a second one soon!

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