Everything, Somewhere: Now a Short Book Tour!

I’ve got some news that I’ve been dying to share with you all, but like with most news I had to do my homework first. Now that’s out of the way and I can let you in on the secret. Most of you know my latest release, Everything, Somewhere, in some format. If you haven’t bought a copy, may I recommend you do that now? Because guess what…

This book is going on the road! (Kind of)

While this isn’t really a book tour, there will be a handful of times, locations, or websites where you can hear me talk about the book. Those are all listed below with some helpful links so you know where to go and when.

This is my first “book tour” of any kind, really, where I’ll actually have some physical places to show up. I’m super excited, and I hope that since you all have read the book now you’ll be equally interested. Just recently, Everything, Somewhere sold its 350th copy, which makes me even more pumped to see who all turns out for these events!

But that’s not all! Let me offer you one more exciting bit…

You’re all invited! (and I want to hear your Questions)

Please, please come out and see me at any of the stops! Whether you’re tuning in on the radio or coming to my first book signing, I can’t wait to hear from you. The library stop does have an audience cap, but I’ll also be livestreaming the show! (More info below and a second library event may be in the near future.)

I also want questions! Feel free to comment, email, or share your questions with me somehow and I’ll gladly answer. These can be about the process of writing the book, what happens to the characters after, why I chose a certain plot point… really anything! To avoid the scary situation where I get no questions, everybody should send in 1 or 2 now 😉

Anyways, you might want to keep this page open or write down the dates you want to attend, either virtually or in person. Can’t wait to see you there! Without further ado, here’s the…

Tour Schedule

May 29: Book Signing at Village Lights Bookstore

Saturday, May 29//1:00-3:00 P.M.

Come visit downtown Madison and stop in at Village Lights! I’ll have a setup there so I can sign your copy of the book, chat with you about it, answer questions, take pictures, etc. This is the first event in the tour and my first time with a signing at the best book store in Madison.

June 2: Radio INterview on WORX 96.7

Wednesday, June 2//9:00 A.M.

I’ll be live on WORX again talking about the novel and answering any questions you all send me beforehand. This event is purely over the radio, but it’ll be a lot of fun and I encourage you to tune in. If you can’t find it on your radio, just head over to their website at 9 AM and listen in!

June 4: Live Video ChaT With Theresa Jacobs

Friday, June 4//8:00 P.M.

I’ll be live on video chat with Theresa Jacobs, a fellow author and friend of mine. The link for that event is right here! This event will be a ton of fun and she’s one of the best-informed about the book, since she helped me with the early phases of it. Check out her website here.

June 9: Downtown Madison Library Event*

Wednesday, June 9//5:00 P.M.

For the last live event of the tour, I’ll be at the library in downtown Madison for an author event, answering questions and reading a passage from the novel. I’ll also sign books, talk a little about the process behind Everything, Somewhere, and maybe even hint at what I’m working on in the future! It’s sure to be a blast, so mark your calendars and check out the library’s website. Can’t wait to see you there!

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