Cover Reveal: Everything, Somewhere

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled to finally share this cover with you guys. This is the first of much I have to offer, but this cover is definitely the main aspect. It’s the first interaction most people will have with the book and sets the tone for everything inside. I’ve also got some promo images to share, so I’m hoping that between all this you’ll get the gist of the book more completely.

Over the next few months, between now and April, I’ll have bunches more to share. One (maybe two) book trailers, samples chapters, and lots more leading up to the final release date. I’ll get the Amazon page set up in the next month, so by then you can pre-order, but for right now enjoy the cover, the teasers, and speculate at what’s to come.

I’m super excited to get this ball rolling, since it’ll mean that all the hard stuff is over on my end. The manuscript will be finished after a few more rounds of editing, and I’ll be able to focus on promotional shenanigans.

Before long, you can immerse yourself in Little Rush and in these characters. I think there’s something for everyone in the book, fragments of real life that are all too familiar. It’s just a matter of time now.

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