New Book, New Titles, New Work

It’s been a while! Five months, actually. And I’m back… with some news.

Without messing around too much, lemme give you the goods. First up, I’m super pleased to introduce my newest WIP, the book that’ll release in early 2021. The book based on my own hometown of Madison, Indiana. The book that’s consumed me for the better part of three feverishly creative months. The longest, most personal, and first non-horror novel I’ve published.

New Release, Coming Soon

Coming Early 2021: Everything, Somewhere —- (not the official cover)

One fateful, life-changing summer. Different paths of life, converging in a blur of grief and forgiveness. Everything, Somewhere is a deep look at the stories, people, mistakes, and heartbreaks that form the nuanced landscape of rural Indiana.

Written in first-person POV from four different characters, each with a unique background and personal struggles. Depressive, suicidal, addicted, searching, pleading, screaming. Families, friends, colleges, careers.

The rivertown of Little Rush holds so much more than the surface-level would indicate. Take a deep dive into the intricate city, the people who live there, and the complications that threaten to pull them apart. The power of memories, the struggle of mental illness, and the search for meaning. Everything, somewhere.

What I’ve Been Up To

Over the last five months, a ton has happened. A global pandemic (sheesh). A period of lockdown, where those of us in Indiana were stuck in our houses for months on end. Unimaginable loss and grief around the world, not to mention everything just getting generally worse. I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been the worst year in… a long time. Already.

Like many authors, I took the time in lockdown to write. In my case, to return to writing. All in all, I wrote about 120,000 words total, including 2 books and 2 decent-sized short stories. Some of that you’ll see in the coming few years, some of it you never will. But for now, it’s all there.

I also spent some time working on promotional ads for Everything, Somewhere, and generally trying to survive. I listened through Arcade Fire’s Funeral about three times a day between April and August. (Not kidding).

I can only hope you managed to survive this awful, trying time in your own way. This little message just serves to let you know I am writing, although that will certainly slow down as I return to college next week. I’m mainly working on those two books, one of which I announced above. The other will come a ways down the road. While I’m struggling to mold them into shape, feel free to check out my past works and other stuff I’ll be putting here from time to time.

If you want more info about the book, keep track of me here or join the FB group I started just for that WIP.

Everybody take care of yourselves. Stay safe, stay healthy, and do your best to just survive. Sometimes, that’s all there is to do.

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