Creepy Story from Dupont, Indiana

Recently, while surfing the site (is that an expression?), I stumbled across a terrifying tale from Dupont. It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. I’ve been checking all the towns near me, and most of the stories are pretty bland, but this… wow. I’ll post it here, exactly worded as the individual did who submitted it to that site. If you happen to know this person, don’t give away their name or anything. They might not want everybody to know.


We lived in DuPont for approximately seven years. Our property line bordered to a corn field. The corn field and our backyard had a line of trees between them. My father had a make-shift basketball court put in for my little sister directly behind the unattached garage, and it almost met up with the tree line. No one played basketball though, not my sister, my children, no one. There was always a feeling like someone or something was watching you from that tree lined area. You just had an uncomfortable feeling when in the backyard.

Several times I thought I would catch a glimpse of a tall lanky older man dressed in period attire, down to the wide-brimmed hat. He did not seem friendly either. I got the feeling he did not want us there. I never told anyone about this until one night, my husband and I were watching the History Channel about hauntings. I told him what I saw, and he confirmed it when he started to describe the man to me, before I even got to say ”exactly” what I saw. He had seen him too and never told anyone about it either.

My husband put a vegetable garden in the backyard. While tilling up the dirt we found a pair of ladies shoes and an actual gold/diamond ring.

Our marriage broke up in that house, and we ended up selling it during the divorce. When we totally got away from DuPont, we got back together. Several years later we are remarried and happier than we have ever been. My dad’s marriage of fourteen years broke up in that house too. That is why he sold it to us and moved to Madison. I think that whole area is cursed, including the house and definitely the land it sits on.


I can’t imagine that happening to me in real life! The part about the vegetable garden is chilling, and the fact that he found a ring. Whatever the deal is with this house, I wouldn’t want to live there, not with a wife or even by myself.

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