New Release and a New series

I’ve got some big news! If you haven’t already seen, there’s a new book and a whole new series coming soon. You can even check out a sample on the series page.

My new book series is a return to psychological thrillers and horror. But with a twist! While there are frightening antagonists and a stream of tragedies, the 3 core books (see below) focus on 1 family, their unbreakable bond, and overcoming trauma. If you enjoyed my novel Everything, Somewhere, think of this series as that book + some thrills and chills.

First off, I have a short novella coming in August. It’s called I See The World Through Darkness. This is your introduction to the town of New Haven, where the whole series takes place, but set a century before the events in Books 2-4. Because of that, this story stands alone from the rest of the series, but it’ll offer you a taste of New Haven, the house on the hill, and the tragedies that haunt them both.

In this psychological thriller, Bailey is a young woman with big dreams. She travels with Henry to visit his great aunt Sylvia in the massive house above New Haven, hoping for a proposal. The house is still glorious, even past its prime. It’s more than she expected, but also more than she bargained for.

As this slow-burning, descent into madness heats up, her perfect future with Henry seems more and more out of reach. The house grows darker and more menacing. Henry begins to change, and not in the ways Bailey had hoped. At the same time, Sylvia reveals old secrets, as the house’s tragic history starts to repeat itself. Bailey finds herself face-to-face with the dark tragedies that have plagued this home for generations.

With shadows lurking in every room and ghostly specters appearing, Bailey starts to lose her grip on reality and on the man she once loved. Was coming to this house a terrible mistake? And will she ever escape from its grasp?

That’s not it! Coming in 2023, I have three books planned to wrap up the series. These three, core books follow the Woods family as they navigate life in New Haven and the house that lurks outside of the town. Cliff is a farmer who grew up in New Haven. Naomi, his wife, is one of the few people who have actually been inside the house that looms over them. Kaia and Nate, their children, both have to decide what the future holds for them, but before the future arrives, they have to survive the deadliest summer in New Haven history.

These novels aren’t yet named, but they’re coming in 2023 and I’ll have samples and teasers leading up to the release. This page will be updated regularly with more info. For now, read the description below.

A town haunted by its past, in the shadow of an abandoned house.

For as long as anyone could remember, the house on the hill has watched over New Haven from its spot above the rural farming community. A large, Gothic building, with sharp, angled rooftops and windows like the vacant eyes of a dead man, it broods over the small town with a horrible, ever-watching gaze. The townsfolk have felt it for generations and have suffered because of it: a dark history lined with tragedies and pain.

A close-knit family striving for justice while the sheriff closes in.

In this new series of thrills and chills, New Haven is under attack from a sinister force. It’s the deadliest summer any of the town’s citizens have ever seen, and the Woods family seems to be in the center of everything. When the tragedies and secrets multiply, everything starts to unravel. Will the Woods be able to survive and clear their name? And can they ever return to the life they had before?

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