Book Review: Don’t Look Inside (but do)

There's a newbie author who's been picking up some major steam lately in the publishing world. All his books so far have gotten a bunch of awards, some great reviews, and all that type of stuff that we all want but don't get. Not to mention the number of sales! Anyways, that author's name is … Continue reading Book Review: Don’t Look Inside (but do)

Short Story Review: That One Pretty Thing

**I received a free copy of the short story to review, but who really cares, that doesn't affect my review at all so yeah read on now kind human being** <><><><><> Gaines Post, another good author-friend of mine, penned this short story called That One Pretty Thing and in doing so made quite an entertaining, thoughtful read. … Continue reading Short Story Review: That One Pretty Thing

Book Review: The Claiming

So here we go, back to book reviews 🙂 I'm sure you all missed them. The Claiming by Ike Hamill: There is not a paperback/hardback copy of this book. It's one of the best self-published books I've read, and I'm surprised there's no paperback or hardback copy. The author, Ike Hamill, has been steadily gaining followers for … Continue reading Book Review: The Claiming