Book Review: The Venus Trap

I recently read the book The Venus Trap by Louise Voss. It was a thrilling read, full of mysteries and emotional twists. The ending, especially, is one finale that I won’t forget. If you’re interested (YOU ARE), then get a copy here!

And now onward….

the venus trap


  • The Twist

The ending is INSANE!! I really should have seen it coming, but I just didn’t I guess. I was too caught up in anxiety as to how the story would end. While the rest of the book wasn’t very captivating (see below), the ending was fantastic and really got me.

Besides this, there were a plethora of twists throughout the book. The main character was so full of pain and regret, and we really felt as if life gave her every thing she could handle, and did its best to kill her.

  • Easy to Read

This book and author (Louise Voss) are very easy to read and understand. There’s no unnecessarily big words, and everything is like you would say it in real life. It reminded me a lot of Mark Edwards, who also writes in first person point-of-view a lot.

It’s no surprise the two have worked together on books in the past. Both are phenomenal writers and have created amazing, simple plots that really power their stories. Louise Voss is truly a great author of this time period.

  • Main Character

The main character who I’ve mentioned before -Jo Atkins- is a very intriguing person. On the outside, she seems simple. Divorced, coming out of a broken relationship, trying online dating, victim of assault as a teenager, and a plethora of terrible events. Seems simple, like a lot of us have gone through these things. But then her insane date goes and kidnaps her inside her own apartment and keeps her trapped, threatening to kill her.

We see the past and present of Jo throughout the book, as she shows us glimpses of her former self through diaries, memories, and conversations. The present Jo is shown through her talks with the kidnapper and with memories of the recent few weeks and years.

She really is a complex person and makes the book tons better.

  • Up and Downs of Story

This novel, perhaps more than any other I’ve read, has lots of ups and downs. There are happy moments, sad moments, glad memories, depressing memories, and ultimately a fitting, fantastic ending. We grow alongside Jo as she goes through terrible ordeals, and even if we don’t connect we can certainly relate.


  • Title?

So the title is The Venus Trap and I’m not sure how that connects at all with the story? Because she’s… trapped? I guess. That’s the only real connection I see. Anyways. Move on.

  • Not Capturing/Engaging

For some reason, this book didn’t grab my attention as much as other books I’ve read lately. This book was great, yes, but it just didn’t get as invested emotionally. Maybe it was because the concept (a girl trapped inside her house by a crazy man) wasn’t very broad and I didn’t connect as much.

Besides that, it was just that the book didn’t encompass as many ideas and people as some other books. The main character had lots of regret, and the other dude was a psychopath. It was an interested mesh, but for an entire book didn’t hold all that much interest. At least the author’s a great writer.

MY RATING: 8.5/10

This book was fulfilling, fantastic, and fitting for an author of Voss’s renown. It really was a great read, and the plot keeps you on the edge of your eSeat. I highly recommend picking up a copy here and reading it.


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