Book Review: 1984

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First of all, R.I.P. Muhammad Ali

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Now. I was looking for a book to read a couple weeks ago, by searching through my Amazon Wishlist. I stumbled across the book 1984 by George Orwell, and it was Kindle Unlimited so I decided to read it. And the whole Star Wars thing, and Utopian/Dystopian futures, and mosquitoes and everything made sense! I just had to read it!

Although now I forgot why it all made sense…

So bear with me, as we go to a Dystopian-or-Utopian-I-forget-which world. Cue the dark music (and don’t judge).

1984 pic


  • Ingsoc

In 1984, the whole principle is about a futuristic world where there are only three “countries.” Eurasia, Eastasia, and Oceania. (These are pretty good names, by the way, although two of them are already places…)

Oceania, where the book is centered, seems to be the worst of these nations, although we never really find out. That’s one thing I’ll mention later.

  • The First Half

Honestly, this is the part most people hate on. They say it’s too much world-building; they say Orwell is “just preaching.” But I really like this part.

I read the book because I was too lazy to imagine a futuristic Dystopian/Utopian world for myself. If Orwell has to do some preaching and lots of explaining, that’s perfectly fine with me. He’s created a fascinating world and deserves the right to show off his intellectual skill, just like I do when I use the world “intellectual.”

  • Newspeak


That’s all I have to say. Doublegood, chap. Doublegood.


  • Eastasia/Eurasia

These two countries are the biggest missing puzzle in the futuristic world. We know nothing about them. Are they “good?” Why can’t they win even a battle against Oceania? Do they know all the injustice going on?

In some ways, it wasn’t that much different from World War II Germany, where the government was controlling, demanding, and cruel. However, in Oceania the government has crushed any resistance by changing them -they have made the enemies their allies.

All we know about the E-powers (my own naming hehe) is that they are evil, to the Oceania people anyways. I really was hoping for an Author’s Letter-type epilogue, where Orwell would explain some of the missing pieces. Yeah, I didn’t get that. Still a bit bitter.

  • Twist… of the Strange Kind

So about halfway through the book, something really odd happens. Yoda comes out and sits on the dude’s bed and says, “There’s been a change… Can you feel it?” (Star Wars quote anyone? Please say somebody understands me!!)

Well, that didn’t actually happen. As you know. Because that’d be really weird and you would’ve heard about it by now. Stupid internet-talking-with-people-thingy makes it hard for me to fool you. But something odd did happen.

The main character Winston gets this book, and it’s basically the philosophy of the rebels, who are anti-Ingsoc (the philosophy of Oceania’s government.) They’re pretty much like we are today, in terms of believing stuff about politics, war, all that drama. Well, Winston gets the book and reads it. And everything’s set up for a big showdown with the government, and secret missions, and throwing acid in kid’s faces (it says that in the book!!)… but then it doesn’t happen.

There’s a twist, I can’t say what happens because it’s a spoiler, and basically the book’s over. There’s just some talking, some thinking, and a little mental fighting. And then the book’s over.

This last couple chapters are really foggy, compared to the crystal-clear earlier half. The book just progressively gets less clear as it goes on.


This book was unique, took place in an amazing setting, and is not an easy work for anybody to match. Because of this, I’m giving 1984 an 8. (I was tempted to do 8.4, but I’ve had enough jokes today. It’s time to weep.)

big brother 1984

QUOTE TIME: “It was a political act.”

This is one of the best chapter-endings I’ve ever read. It’s perfectly timed in the book, and just wraps up the whole ideology of the main character. If you read the book, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Pick up your copy here.


R.I.P. Muhammad Ali.

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