Movie Review: Carrie

Well, Stephen King is (was) a genius. This movie made me want to read the book.

chka chka carrie

Everything about it seemed so well thought-out, I have trouble believing the movie was much different. No Hollywood script-writer could plan such a complete, fulfilling plot.


  • Hurt for Carrie/Hatred for Others

Hate everyone and how they treat her, and feel terrible for her. And her mom hits her with things and locks her in a closet and shows no remorse at all. And everyone makes fun and laughs at her. Then they post a video of her after her first period online and it just was really terrible to watch.

At times, it seemed like there was no escape for Carrie. Her house was a terrible place, and her school was torture, so when she finds her gift it is the only thing that makes her happy when she uses it. It’s a sort of escape.

  • The Drama Between The Bullies

Even when they’re picking on Carrie, the bullies -other teenage girls fro the most part- have trouble deciding whether it was wrong and if they deserve their punishment. Despite this, they continue to tease and mock her.

It was an interesting, rarely-seen dynamic of the bullies that frequent horror movies and books. I haven’t read the book yet, but I imagine that was part of Stephen King’s design, since it seems like something he would do. Genius, that man.

  • Carrie’s Friendship With The Gym Teacher

The gym teacher, Ms. Desjardin, does her best to care for and protect Carrie. I think watching her struggle through things and try to help Carrie is one of the best parts about the movie.

Slowly, Carrie begins to act more confident and pleased with her life, but her mother still hurts her and eventually all the pressure wears her down and tears her apart.

  • Carrie’s Struggle Vs Herself

Even as she is trying to be nice and to be sweet, she begins to lose control of herself. Great acting -as she stays composed, even while lots of insane things happen around her- makes the scenes haunting and unforgettable. Carrie keeps an innocent, confident face the entire time that terrible things are happening, which she causes.

Some of her responses in the movie are bone-chilling. The calmness in her voice and attitude just kills me. Watching her go from depressed and insecure to confident and then to a bit insane (like murderous insanity) is a terrifying sequence.


  • Oblivious People

People don’t realize that things are breaking randomly around them. Finally, Carrie sees that it is a power she has and begins to use it to her advantage, at first doing nothing but playing around and having fun with it.

Eventually, it turns to something more sinister. I just don’t see how nobody realized what was happening when mirrors cracked and lights broke.

  • Blood

Between the mom giving childbirth in the opening scene and Carrie having her first period in the next, there was a lot of blood. Like… I don’t have a weak stomach but I couldn’t even finish my Apple Jacks.

  • Sudden Change

One moment, everything was nice and easy. The whole world seemed to be calm and right. And then craziness set in. everybody in the movie went completely, freaking crazy. I don’t even know. It just happened so suddenly. I was completely shocked. This isn’t really a bad thing, but I don’t know. I’m still in shock.

MY RATING: 7.5/10

The movie had so many great parts. Everything meshed perfectly, and the actor for Carrie was phenomenal. Everything was paced wonderfully, and the final scenes when Carrie goes nuts are amazing filming.

Maybe there was a bit of the devil in her?

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