Updates to As Trees Turned Away and She

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My collection of short stories, As Trees Turned Away, and my first novel, She, have both undergone some additions this week.

Firstly, ATTA now has a particular chapter of She in the back of it, a sort of bonus and teaser to those who read it. Also, I wrote and included a letter to the reader from myself.

For She, I added the first part of Massacre Max (a story from ATTA) and an identical letter to the reader.

Note: it will take approximately two days for these updates to work, but if you buy the book you can “sync and check for updates” and then it will be like a refresh and you’ll be all set to go. Also, these updates are only available on Kindle. Sorry, you print people.

This next offer, however, is to both types of readers.

In that letter, there is another bonus. If you read and review any of my books or collections on Amazon, and then email me at davidkummer7@gmail.com, you will receive a free short story written by myself. Each book has its own unique story, and they will not be found anywhere else, unless you take advantage of this ongoing deal.

Until next time faithful readers.

Author’s note below


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Seen any Star Wars movies? If you haven’t, THEN DO!!! (You know who you are šŸ˜‰

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