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0-2… Nope. Never. Don’t waste your time.

2-4.. Might watch again. To make fun of it.

4-7… Some good things. Decent if you’re in the mood or with friends.

7-9… Would watch. Maybe some hesitation.

9-10… Continuous loop. Watch every week. Es perfecto!

Movie Title–Rating

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Swamp Of Movies

A Quiet Place–9.5/10

Jim from the Office finds the only thing more terrifying than Dwight… Super fast, super freaky monsters


Can we just admit that low-budget films are often better? This one definitely is. I wish I understood the ending.


Fairly predictable movie, but the last 20 minutes makes it one of the best.

The Boy–8.5/10

Similar to Orphan, it’s your basic scare with a huge twist.

Let Me In–8.5/10

A movie with Chloe Moretz that is touching, scary, and memorable.

A qUiet Place (PT. 2)– 8.5/10

The first big post-Covid movie, and one that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Conjuring 2–8.4/10

This actually improves on the first one, with more character moments and great plotting.


Super long, super intense, super confusing… super great.

The Others–8.2/10

A scary movie about a haunted mansion… or is it? This movie has the best kind of ending. I never saw it coming. Very good. I’m tired.

Conjuring 3–8.1/10

The excellent sequel I didn’t expect. This movie holds firm to Ed and Lorraine’s characters, but pits them against a frightening, mortal villain. Fascinating plot choices lead to a thrilling conclusion.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House– 8/10

I’m a sucker for older-set, Gothic films. This is one of the best. I love the ambiguous ending.

The Crazies–8/10

The Purge: Western Style… with lots more blood. And guns. And a great sheriff. You should watch it, but not if you’re out in the country or a farm. No way.

Murder on the Orient Express (2017)–8/10

Not scary? Yeah, kind of, maybe. I just wanted an excuse to review this.


Crazy amount of suspense; fitting finish. 0% cliche. Maybe 15%. I just saw The Invitation.


The first film in a new series; possibly the best horror movie of this decade. A must-see.


Terrifying, one of the best horror movies I’ve seen. Beware the tapes.

Carrie (2013)–7.5/10

Lots of blood and scares in one of Stephen King’s best stories.

The Shining–7.5/10

Definitely a classic, very slow at the beginning part; climax makes up for it. ❤ the setting. Mazes are creepy.

Insidious– 7.2/10

Interesting movie, good scares, but holds up a lot better because of the sequels.

13 Cameras– 7/10

This is one of those movies you’ll never forget. Check for cameras.

The Amityville Horror (2005)–7/10

The slow descent to insanity and a house that won’t let you leave alive. Really good remake.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)–7/10

Chainsaws, blood. This movie is so gruesome it’s frightening and I never wanna go to Texas. Or drive a car ever again. Or eat meat. Also, hi, Matt Bomer.

Scary Stories TO Tell In the Dark–7/10

One unique death, great first hour, not so great finish. Movie tickets are expensive.

You Get Me–7/10

Bella Thorne rarely does anything good but somehow found her way into this very good movie and even improved it with her acting! She fills out the “stalker” role well.

What Lies Beneath–6.9/10

Harrison Ford, a mysterious lake, and lots of blood. What could be better?

Cabin in the Woods–6.7/10

One of the more intriguing horror movies, complete with its own conspiracies.

Friday the 13th–6.5/10

Good movie; I can see why it’s a classic. Great death scenes even by today’s standards. Loved meeting Jason’s momma!

The babysitter–6.5/10

I don’t usually like funny horror movies but this one was good enough. Great movie for with friends.

Insidious 3–6.5/10

Creepy movie, solid horror, with lots of jump scares and a good story line.

Insidious 2– 6.5/10

Similar to the first; keeps the scariness factor high.

Dead Silence–6.2/10

A surprisingly good, very mysterious horror movie. And the clown doll is the worst. I’m tired.

The INvitation–6/10

Really good buildup to the climax, which didn’t quite hold up. Also, Us straight up stole this movie’s red lantern twist and that makes me sad.


Jigsaw is much more than chainsaws. Refreshing twist at the end. Please, no more Saw movies.

The Curse of La Llorona–5.5/10

Not nearly as good as the Conjuring; way better than the Nun. Very frightening, but could have used a few breaks from the action.


This was surprisingly good and not as quiet as I expected. A solid movie, nothing spectacular.

The Ring–5.2/10

A scary girl from a well and lots of mystery… and a killer video tape. Better than it sounds. Good end.

It: Chapter One (2017)–5/10

Not great. Too long. Bullies are good. Town is good. Clown is funny.


Worth a second watch. Few too many cliches. All I want is Conjuring 3.

The Babadook–5/10

I understand why this movie was so acclaimed, but it never felt right to me. Unlike Cabin in The Woods, it was ambiguous in a not-awesome way and a let-down.


A prequel to Conjuring, this one is more Satan-centered but still freaky. Weird cat demons.

Sinister 2–5/10

Scary like the first, but with a much different ending. Not as good characters.

The Witch–4.7/10

This was the closest I’ve come to falling asleep during a horror movie. The last 30 minutes didn’t save it. Such a weird ending. Really a let-down.

It: Chapter Two (2019)–4.5/10

Bullies aren’t scary. Clown isn’t scary. Somehow, it’s substantially worse than the first.

He’s Out There–4.5/10

A movie with a lot of good threads, but they never tied together in a fitting way.


Saw right before the Nun at a drive-in. Both crazy boring. This was at least… trying to be weird, and kind of did that.

The Nun–4.2/10

Just… really not exciting. Pretty boring. Maybe it’s because I had high expectations from the Conjuring director attachment.

(Guest) Cult of Chucky–4/10

Not scary. Maybe watch for a good laugh. Dolls are fun.


Good movie, interesting plot, just too many jokes for my tastes.


The only lasting impact this has is to make you a moth-killing crazy person.

Autopsy of Jane Doe–3/10

This movie’s premise could have been done better, but was kind of limited by the story line.


Not a good movie, but you’ll never forget Eli.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)–3/10

One of the many sequels/remakes I’ve watched. Nice attempt at a twist.

Taking of Deborah Logan–3/10

One of the weirdest possession movies I’ve ever seen… Little too weird…

THe Bye-Bye Man–2/10

Resisting the obvious “bye-bye” joke. This movie reminded me of a 3-review, obscure Amazon movie I watched. Not a good thing.


Um… very graphic movie, and not a story line, so yeah. A two.


Waste of money, with a bad Santa that has elf clown puppet demonic crap things.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Ratings

  1. I liked You’re Next, Rigormortis and The Train to Busan, also In The Tall Grass and Hush are good!!!

    P S.
    Oh come on, We really enjoyed Krampus!!! Lol


    1. I just couldn’t handle the little elf robot minions! But I’ll definitely check out the others you mentioned. Thanks!


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