Movie Review: Cult of Chucky (Guest Post)

–Written and Rated by Juliana–

I did not have high expectations of this movie and laughed the whole time.

I never had any desire to watch Chucky but I was bored one night so I picked it up. The character Chucky is extremely popular so it had to be decent, I thought. I was expecting the doll to kill his prey and move on. I was wrong.

As the movie began, I was slightly confused. Maybe because I skipped all the other movies but it doesn’t matter. The idea was that Chucky has come back to haunt his first victim. The victim had been locked up in a mental facility since she was accused of murdering her family. I had no idea of the backstory. All in all, I just laughed a lot. It was amusing. 



I am not sure if there was supposed to be a humor aspect but there was. The fact that a little red-head doll is walking around, slashing people is fantastic. I love how there were also so many of these dolls. They just came from everywhere.

There were so many things in this film that I did not see coming. Not a bad thing, I just found most of these funny. They tried to get rid of the doll; he comes back. Chucky possesses a man with multiple personality disorder. He is running around the hospital all the time with his little legs. He makes dirty jokes and laughs at them. The laugh is a whole different story.

Watching this movie as an adult, and being rarely scared by movies, it made me laugh. It may be a different story for children or for adults that are scared of dolls stabbing them.

**Editor’s Note: Guest writer already broke Rule #1. We never put “humor” under the good category in a horror movie review.**


The little red head sure did have talent. He snuck his way into the hospital with the help from his wife (I know, I didn’t understand either). Basically the whole time he’s there, he’s just torturing Nica. (She’s the one who was hospitalized for being accused of murder). He starts by taking out her friends and she swears it was him over and over but no one believes her. He was really good at making the murder look like it was somebody else.

He is sneaky for a while, then people began to realize. By that time it was too late. He was taking out people left and right. My favorite part is when he gets close to a girl who killed her baby in the past and he acts as her baby. It takes him a while to kill her but it is interesting to watch him manipulate her.  **Editor’s Note: Morbid…**


I do not have much to say about the ending other than it was decent. It was kind of cool to see Chucky win and get away with his side chick.

**Editor’s Note: Guest writer is forgiven. This blog loves an unhappy ending.**



Nica was definitely the best actor and even she didn’t seem too talented. People may disagree but it could have been better. The acting could have been better all around. The people in the mental hospital were not as “creepy” as I would have liked them to be. I feel as if this could have made the movie so much better.

Dr. Foley is a major character in this film too and I wish he would have been a creepier person. In my opinion, if more but not all of the characters were more violent and less scared of the doll, it would have been more entertaining. Example: There was a lady at the beginning of Chucky’s arrival and she believed she was dead. She wasn’t afraid of him and it was very funny to see how Chucky handled the situation. He was trying to make her scared of him and it wasn’t working. In the morning, she was found dead in her room. 

Acting is crucial in every film and the film is rarely good unless the acting is. 

The “SCARY” Factor

This is something that was definitely missing, at least for me. When I go to watch a scary movie, I sort of… want it to be scary. Obviously. There’s a little doll going around murdering people. Things like that don’t scare me and I wasn’t impressed with the execution of “scary.”

The scariest part was where a Chucky head is mounted by this man who might have defeated him previously. (Maybe? Still don’t know the whole story.) Chucky was making fun of this guy and teasing him. While Chucky was teasing this dude, the man threatened to torture him. The torturing isn’t the scary part. The mounted talking doll is the scary/weird part. I guess this scene eventually made sense, kind of.

Final Score


I’m not sure If I would watch this movie again, maybe with a couple of friends for a good laugh. Overall it was an okay film so maybe, just maybe go watch it.

**Editor’s Note: I will not be watching this. Pick something higher on the list.**

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