Movie Review: He’s Out There

Sometimes you just watch a random horror movie and have no idea who’s in it, what the plot is, or why it showed up on your Amazon account. This was one of those instances. The cover is frightening enough, with the pretty typical horror title He’s Out There. That description, basically, sums up the entire movie’s value, but you’ll see for yourself.

While there are some redeeming qualities about this movie, and plenty of talented acting performances. However, there are also some plot holes and some aspects that should be more developed. So, without further ado, let’s dive into everything this movie has to offer and decide on a final verdict.

The Good

Yvonne Strahovski

Yeah, well, kinda have to start with this. Yvonne Strahovski (of Chuck fame to me and I guess The Handmaid’s Tale to everybody else) was a surprise actor on this movie, since I knew nothing about it beforehand. She’s a talented actor, although I hadn’t seen her in anything else until this movie. She played the part well and gave the movie a personal bump for me.

Well-Played Suspense

There were a few moments of really good suspense. You could tell the director knew how to put together a horror movie. I wish the subject matter would have been different, because it seemed like the director has a thoughtful, creative mind for this genre. Most cabin-in-the-woods type movies have really similar plots, and this did up until about the twenty-minute mark. I’ll give the writing team credit for putting a unique spin on cliched elements.

The bad

The One-Night Thing

How many movies have I seen lately that have this issue? They try to cram everything into one-night. While I could write an entire article about how this doesn’t usually work, I don’t have time for that, so I’ll lay out a few points here. First of all, plotting an entire movie around one night really limits the character development. Secondly, it’s difficult to put together an interesting course of events. While you can have individual scenes of suspense, it can’t be drawn-out over weeks. Think about the best horror movies. Very few of them take place over less than two days. The only exception that comes to mind is Us, and even that movie could’ve been vastly improved. The only reason it worked was because of the flashback.

Poem/Children’s Book

This movie also had the creepy poem vibes going on, similar to the Babadook. The children’s book that is present throughout didn’t really work for me either. It was yet another part of this movie that felt unpolished. There were so many different threads, but never tied together well. This theme was another example.

The verdict

This verdict really hinged on one detail. I couldn’t decide how I felt about the ending, partially because of how different it is. First of all, it takes place in broad daylight. Secondly, the backstory behind the “bad guy” didn’t make sense, so that was a negative.

Also, can I just mention the character who pops up at the beginning, apparently just to unlock the gate, and then he serves no purpose the rest of the film? I understand it was most likely a red herring of sorts, but… it felt off.

So, the score.


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