Movie Review: I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House


Very Creepy/Suspenseful

The old-time house with lots of secrets was the best possible setting for this story. Apart from that, the story is presented in a really unique way. The directors (or whoever’s in charge of all the cool stuff) did a fantastic job with the fade scenes, the memories, the book, all of it. A very solid “haunted house” movie even without the twisty twist.

Why is it a twisty twist? Because it was great, I didn’t really see it coming, but I didn’t fully understand it either. So it was a twisty twist.

Good Mystery

Like I kind of mentioned above, this a great “haunted house” by itself if that’s the way they would have chosen to go. The mystery behind everything is so interesting. I love how it mixes the ghosts, murders, and really dives into the idea of “What is a ghost?” and more importantly “Why is it?” It’s rare to see a movie try to conquer that question while also maintaining a suspenseful atmosphere, and this one somehow manages both feats.

Little Things = Important

This is yet another where all of the tiny details are really important and if you look away for a minute you might miss something crucial. In that sense, it’s very similar to Observance, or any of the other movies with ambiguous endings (spoiler for this review).

If you do watch the movie, I encourage you to stop it every fifteen or twenty minutes and just think about “What the heck just happened?” This will help to kind of gather your thoughts and really look forward to the next bit. It’s kinda like a show, where they could have had so many cliffhangers and drawn out the tension to a stupid amount, but I’m very glad they throw it all at you in one two-hour session. (Didn’t check runtime. Won’t check runtime.)


Slow Beginning

The beginning of this one was kinda slow and I almost got bored and stopped paying attention. DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE. I’d say it was around the fifteen or twenty-five minute mark where things really picked up and I got hooked on the mystery of… I forget her name. The blonde girl with the blindfold on. Whoops, did I give too much away?

Anyway, it starts slow but it gets really good, so don’t give up easily friend. You’ll be glad that you pushed through the not-exciting part.

Plot = Little Too Complicated

Like I mentioned, I didn’t fully understand the ending, which is okay because I’m an unambiguously huge fan of ambiguous endings. However, I like to either be left pretty much in the dark and make up my own opinions or be told outright what happened. This movie meddled in the middle, explaining some of the kinda important stuff that really pertained to the real-world but then leaving out a bunch of SUPER important questions I had. Those were actually the more interesting questions, so I was bummed to not find out.


Really wanted to give this a 9, but the complicated ending and lack of any real “moments” makes it


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