Not-Quite-25 Days of Christmas (Part 2/2)

bad santa

That title probably breaks about ten grammar rules, but oh well. Anyways, Christmas horror movies are… like… really hard to find. So this list won’t have 25, even with the two parts put together. Just warning you all.

It really is hard. Try for yourself sometime.

Why is it here?

Because it has snow, and it’s winter, and there wasn’t many movies that are acceptable to put on this article that are Christmas-y. Also, it has Danielle Radcliffe, okay? Don’t spite me or I might just recommend all the Harry Potter movies on this list, since those all have Christmas-time in them as well.

That’s actually a really good idea…

Why is it here?

Because it’s a musical, and oh boy can that skeleton sing. Also it has Panic! at the Disco and Fallout Boy in the mix.

The real reason it’s on a Christmas list is -(can you guess?)- because it happens at Christmas! I think the director actually said it was more of a Halloween-movie, but I don’t make Halloween lists, although that’d probably be an easier task.

Anyways, this is a cartoon and it’s on the list, and it’s probably creepier than the rest of these. Since I haven’t seen any of the ones from this point on, I can’t say.

First things, you should probably read reviews on these or something before you watch them, because they might be really inappropriate for younger audiences. I tried to pick the best I could find, but some were hard to tell without watching the actual thing.

So, in other words, view with discretion.

Why is it here?

So it happens on Christmas Eve, and it actually looks like a potentially good movie. I mean parking lots creep us all out, right? I think they do. Especially at night.

Why is it here?

British Horror Film?! Is that even a thing?

Apparently so.

Anyways, besides being British, the reviews seem to indicate a cliff hanger of sorts. I guess by 2008 most movies ended in cliffhangers.

This movie also looks potentially good. You’ll just have to click on that link up there to see the experts (if you call Rotten Tomatoes experts) opinions.

Why is it here?

There’s a group of teens being stalked by a lunatic killer in a Santa suit. That sounds like it might be alright. It’s from ’80, so I don’t know if that influences your opinion or not, but it seems to be fine.

Why is it here?

In both the original and the remake, there is a sorority house that was the childhood home of a killer. He escapes, goes back to the home, and starts taking them out one-by-one.

Looks pretty gruesome.

Why is it here?

This is a comedy-horror movie that my family loves. Well, not my older sister. It terrifies her. Don’t know why.

The movie is set in a Christmas-time theme, although I don’t think that is actually stated. Besides the first two, this is the only movie on this list I’ve actually seen.

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