25-ish Days Of Christmas (Part 1/2)

Or: A very long, incomplete lists of books and movies that may or may not be good, from yours truly as a gift for the holiday season. “25-ish days …” was easier.

So on this list, I’ll have the titles of both movies and books, as long as a few reasons why they’re on the list and how they relate to Christmas and the holiday celebrations.

scary christmmas

Without further ado, the Christmas Collection of Creepiness, Part 1 (which will focus mainly on novels. Part 2 will be more about movies.)

Why is it here?

Because it was the first thing I thought of, and it’s a Christmas movie, basically. This might turn out to be a pointless question.

The main villain is literally supposed to be the opposite of Santa. It happens literally on Christmas Day and the days surrounding it. And it’s literally the last movie I saw (at the time I’m writing this anyways.)


Why is it here?

I mean… it has snow. Lots of it. That’s enough to be Christmas-y, right?

Anyways, it’s a classic, not too expensive, and quite terrifying in its own way. For now, this is the only movie on Part 1 of this list. Just watch it.


Why is it here?

It seems to be a twist on the classic “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” story, with a husband (or in this case a divorced man) trying to make it home for the holidays.

Of course, the author throws in lots of sinister details and makes this a book that’s at least checking out, even if you don’t end up buying it.


Why is it here?

Although this is a short story, the reviews I saw of it seemed to be glowing with admiration, so I added it. Also, it has the word “Christmas” in the title. Also, it’s only .99 $ on Amazon.com for Kindles.

And if that isn’t enough for you, they made a movie off of it. How about them apples?


Why is it here?

This is one book I’d heard of before, although I never knew it centered around the Christmas season.

Some child gets taken to “Christmasland” by a figure who abducts lots of children. Supposedly, this world is perfect. But this is a horror book, so it’s definitely not.


Why is it here?

This is a collection of stories that all center around the Christmas season. It includes authors like Jack Ketchum, Joe R. Lansdale, Bentley Little, Wrath James Wright, and Nate Southard. If you’re going to get anything on this list, I’d recommend it be either this or NOS4A2.


Why is it here?

I had to. I’m sorry. If you see the cover and still want to read it… I don’t know. Good luck, my friend.

It… it has a Santa. Kind of. It has snow. It has… other things. Just… just don’t read it. Just click away now.


Why is it here?

This author is really good. And although it doesn’t sound like it, this has to do with Christmas.

The premise is that Santa dies and a boy wants him to come back to life. He does, indeed, because of a wish to an angel, but the Santa that is brought back to life isn’t the same at all.


So, of all these books I’d recommend NOS4A2 or A Hacked-Up Holiday. The lone movie on here is pretty great, too, and if I write a review I’d add a link to this.

Until next time, audios!


Turn the page. Trace the plot. Tempt the panic.


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