Movie Review: The Lodge (2019)

Picking a movie to watch is turning into the most exhausting decision. You have to choose which streaming service (Netflix? Hulu? .... Peacock?) and then, once inside, you have to choose your genre. And even if you know the genre ("Tonight's a horror movie night"), you still have to pick the actual movie. So many … Continue reading Movie Review: The Lodge (2019)

Movie Review: A Quiet Place (Pt. 2)

From the instant the lights dim, A Quiet Place 2 is remarkably different. It opens with a brief thank-you video from John Krasinski, who has been extremely understanding of the plight audiences face in returning to theaters. He is earnest and hopeful, both in his message and in his movie. Another thing: There are no … Continue reading Movie Review: A Quiet Place (Pt. 2)

Best Horror Movies of the 2010s: Award Show Style!

Welcome to 2020! Since that's out of the way, let's forget about the New Year one last time and take a trip through the decade we just left. Doesn't everyone climb out of the pool, dry off, get warm, and then jump back in one last time? That's basically what we're doing! I'll start you … Continue reading Best Horror Movies of the 2010s: Award Show Style!