I’m Back! (For Now)

Well, it’s only been about a year since I’ve written anything here. How’s it going?

This summer (2022), I’ll be releasing some more horror movie reviews. I’ve got a bunch of them, coming for you, but before all that I have some life news.

Things are quite a bit different than they were a year ago. I’ve moved from Madison and into a New Albany apartment with my fiance. I’ll be entering my senior year of college this fall, so I can’t promise that I’ll post too frequently. However, the writing will continue, and one of these days I’ll have another book for you all. (There are multiple books in the works, right now.)

Coming this summer, I’ll also have a new short story out. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook, because I’ll be leaving breadcrumbs there in anticipation for the release.

In the meantime, what is there? Movie reviews!

I’ve got one review for you right here, and let me tell you… this is not the best movie I’ve reviewed here. Not by far. But I’m trying out a new review technique, so check it out.

Movie review: The Stepfather (2009)

So tell your book-loving friends (or your horror-movie aficionados) that I’m back with reviews, stories, and who knows what else!


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