One Month Out: A World of Thanks

At the start of this whole process, I had little to no idea how I would promote the book Everything, Somewhere. I knew that the Madison area would be a huge part in its success, whether it sold 1,000 copies or 10. Most of that hinged on if local businesses would take a risk and support me, a local author they’d rarely or never heard of. It worried me at first, since a majority of my inquiries were never answered. But then I struck gold with a handful of places, and they’ve given me such hope for the next month I had to write something for them.

During this book release, the amount of local support has been astonishing. Just by posting in the local Facebook groups, lots of people showed up! When I started, I found many warm to the idea of a novel set in Madison. Countless said they’d buy, and many others entered a giveaway I held. The paperback sales have been consistent, strong, and unexpected. It’s been a joy to watch.

That local support, the same kind of hard-working, river-town culture I wrote this book for, was a big boost. It gave me the courage and endurance to send out email after email, asking for support, praying for an answer. In the end, there were 4 crucial, local businesses I wanted to highlight in particular. We’re still a month out from the release, and already they’ve made a huge difference!

Without waiting any longer, here are the two news sources and two downtown shops that have given me the most help. Please support them whenever possible, because they didn’t have to do anything! Shop small, shop local 🙂

A picture of the Lanthier Winery setup, from owner Tami Hagemier.

Lanthier Winery has been a tireless and consistent supporter, even giving away a few copies in their storefront. Spreading the news on social media and word of mouth, their tireless efforts have resulted in a number of sales already, as well as likes and follows. Their posts were shared over 100 times in just three days!

Village Lights Bookstore is the first and only local place to buy my books. They jumped on right away and have offered lots of advice throughout the process. If you haven’t already, please buy a copy from them. I’ll even have a book signing in the not-so-distant future!

Link to purchase

96.7 WORX and Roundabout Madison will both be interviewing me for the book. Check out the April edition of the Roundabout, on their website when it’s released, and tune in to 96.7 on March 31 at 9 AM. I’m extremely thankful for these publicity opportunities and the work these companies do around Madison. Both of these interviews are unique and you’ll learn more about the book from each one.

While the book is still far from published and I’m tirelessly working for more sales/reviews/shares, these companies are doing the most to help a local author in his first major book launch. I’m extremely thankful for everything thus far, and I hope that each one of you who reads the book will enjoy it fully. Make sure to follow me (and all these wonderful people) on social media and stay up to date! Big things are coming soon.

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