99 Question Interview: Theresa Jacobs

Today, I have author Theresa Jacobs, and because I’m lazy I don’t have pictures of her books or anything. Just the questions and answers.

1. So you’re an author. How does that work? How did you manage to publish your
books? Just give us a brief summary.
I’m a panster writer – that means I open the blank page and I start writing from page one to the
end. I have no outline, or summary in advance, whatever happens as my story unfolds is how it
gets told. It’s even a surprise to me! And I self-publish online with Amazon, Createspace, and
Smashwords – just upload the files, and Bob's your uncle! I am sending my new book to an agent
in the hopes for a big-name publishing house, that’ll take all the costs of covers and editing off

2. How many books have you written so far?
Novels: Cataclysm, Kept
Novellas: Sudden Death, The Cimmerians
Anthologies: Shrouded Voices, Things only the darkness knows, My other friends & more stories,
100 Word Horrors, A world unimagined
Kids Books: The lonely leaf, Puddle jumping
Poetry: Spewed thoughts

3. What kind do you usually write, and what lengths?
Horror is my go-to favorite, and they vary from full 400 page to short 80 pages. Many people
want my shorts to be longer, but because I don’t force the story, I let them end naturally where
they need to end.

18. If you had to choose a genre other than your main one, what would it be?
Surprisingly, (to me), it’s sci-fi. I don’t read a lot of it, and I’m not versed in science technology,
but I seem to have found this interest in other worlds and creatures. I don’t go over the top with
facts and don’t make up languages that no one understands.
28. What book of yours do you think is the best?
That’s a tough question as they are all unique. Of my horror I think “The Cimmerians,” and of my
sci-fi, I think the new one in the works “The Used,” will be my best…so far.
43. If you could choose one author to co-write a book with, who would you choose?
Why David Kummer of course! (She doesn’t know how unorganized I am, apparently. Not a joy to work with)
56. Let’s say you have the ability to live in one of your books for the rest of your life.
Which do you join?
Well that’d have to be “The Used” – but I can’t tell you why until you read it
65. So, let’s talk about Sudden Death. Tell us about this new movie thing happening with
it. How’d you get involved with that?
I created the Demon of Technology for the book Sudden Death, it’s name is Brimorie. I was
aiming to one day have all writers begin to use this demon as the main character, like Dracula, or
the Werewolf, to take it and make it their own. As for the movie, I’m lucky enough to have a friend who is starting her own production company, and she approached me specifically to create this script for her. Together we’re working hard on making our dreams come true.

73. What is a timeline for the movie production? When can we expect it to release?
I believe they are aiming for this Oct 2018 – Halloween – what better time for a horror!

81. So, you’re like a regular Stephen King now. How many movies are you gonna have
made from your books?
Eventually – all of them! Come on Hollywood give me a call.

89. What’s next for you, after this movie? What books are you working on?
My new epic sci-fi, “The Used,” will be finished draft one, on June 24th, 2018, (the day of this
interview), I’m also writing a new horror, Wife N’ Death, that should be finished no later than
Sept. I’m assisting a wonderful friend, who I met via a writers group, to write her husband bio.
And I’m writing secret projects for a film company, but that’s confidential until Oct 2018. Lots of
exciting stuff, so follow me to stay tuned!
99. Finally, tell us how we can help with this movie, and make it happen sooner.
Currently, they are seeking backers so any funds given would be amazing! Other than that, share,
share, share, the wider the word the better all around.


Thanks for the interview!


Next time on 99 Question Interviews, we’ll have… a publishing company? That’s what I’m hearing.

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