Movie Review: The Crazies (2010)

Been a while, guys.

But I’m back at it! Movies reviews coming fast, slow, and randomly. Who cares about patterns. Let’s start with The Crazies (2010) remake of the 70-something film when we were all scared of governments and bioligical weapons. Maybe we still are?

Most likely comparison for this movie: The Purge: Western-style plus The Walking Dead plus… maybe some Saw (because of gore)

The Great:

—How this movie starts off

Really gets your attention from the first (well, second) scene. Kinda wish there were more “happy people, normal life” parts, but that’s just because I know all the terrible stuff that comes next, and I just want these folks to be happy

The Good:

—Main character was really easy to root for

He’s got that nice, kick-everybody’s-butt attitude, he’s a sheriff (the modern, Call of Duty-master kind). For you ladies, he’s attractive (isn’t every actor nowadays? Sheesh). And, to top it all off, he’s got a love interest who’s pregnant, so he’s almost-not-quite a father. Did I mention he kicks everybody’s butt? Think of him like Rick, from the Walking Dead. Or that really awesome guy from the second and third Purge movies. That’s pretty much him.

—Bad Guy

The second half an hour has about 4 killers who are each scarier than most movies’ 1. Sadly, most of them don’t show up again throughout, and they each kinda serve their purpose by getting killed (often by their own weapon). But still. Kudos to the movie crew for making each one so terrifying, and putting thought into them. Instead of twenty guys with guys, I get to see twenty guys each with a different weapon. Until the movie becomes the Purge: Western-style, anyways. Then they just have guns.


And I mean the concept at the beginning. I won’t give too much away, because the movie tells you within about twenty minutes, but it’s very interesting. When you start the movie, you’ll be thinking, “This isn’t really like the Purge?” That’s the part I enjoyed most. Enjoy it.

—Emotional Conflict

Always a thumbs up for me. Emotional conflict + freaky movie + lots of scary stuff = pretty good Friday night.

The Bad:

—I feel like there should be some more backstory for Mr. Awesome Main Character’s love interest. They’re married and all, and she’s a doctor, but beyond that we don’t know much about her character. Him, on the other hand, we see tons of throughout. I wish she showed up more in the first twenty minutes than she does. That being said, we get plenty of her (and the Deputy) throughout.

—Once the movie became the Purge, I was pretty much just watching the Purge, and that kinda sucked because it was so unique for the first twenty minutes (maybe 30.) There were a couple big twists that got us to the Purge state-of-being, and those were fun. The ending was fun, too. And the whole thing was fun. But it could have been even more fun if it hadn’t been so predictable. After about thirty minutes, I could’ve stopped watching and known basically what happened. I didn’t, but I could’ve. Maybe.

My Final Rating:

Umm… well the film’s got a great idea at the start, good execution of a stolen idea in the middle, and one of those stupid, “We can’t let the heros live, but we can’t kill them either, so let’s just hint that they’re gonna die later on” endings. I don’t really like those. But still, the acting is good, and it has lots of blood without making blood the purpose. I’m not sure what to give this… I’m gonna sayyyyyyy…


I really wanted to make it a 9.

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