Halloween Horror



Halloween Horror for Your Hairy, Scary Halloween!


Halloween (1978) (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

One of those original horror movies that made and make the genre so worth it, this was a true original and never forget the very memorable character it gave us… Michael Myers. (Everybody back then was named Michael.)

This movie is literally called Halloween, and a major plot point is Halloween, so it’s first.

The Amityville Horror (my review) (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

This movie is genuinely scary, and it centers around one of the most famous hauntings of all time. While this doesn’t happen on Halloween (most movies on this list don’t), it will definitely give you that type of feel and more importantly fear.

If you’re a big lover of dogs, be ready to cry. Enough has been said.

The Exorcist (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

It’s a classic, they made a new TV show recently, and it is another very scary classic. What’s more Halloween-ish than a demon possession, lots of fog and smoke, plenty of creepy music, and some good ol’ 70’s technology.

Hopefully you all will really enjoy this one!

The Ring (my review) (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

First of all, it has one of the best beginnings I’ve seen. The action is pretty much non-stop, and it’s one of those movies with tons of mystery so that makes it all the more enjoyable.

It also has a creepy little girl, so if that’s your thing you’ll love this one.

More interested? Check out my review above!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

I put a link to the original movie review, but honestly there are a few remakes that aren’t too bad either. After all, it’s always Leatherface with a chainsaw, so…

Anyways, he’s a pretty creepy dude, and I wouldn’t want him over for dinner unless I needed a big turkey carved or… no, not really. He’s just mean. And bloody.

Makes for a good movie though! You’ll always hate chainsaws after. Always.

Paranormal Activity (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

The series original that spawned a long and ever-growing line of movies, this is one you’ll either hate or love. Guess we’ll have to see!

While it is shot from a video camera (one of those movies lol), it’s still quite good and can give a real FRIGHT. Just like randomly capitalizing words. You’ll enjoy it. Or not. We’ll see.

Sleepy Hollow (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

The Headless Horseman told me he had to be included on this list, because Halloween is his home, and so I included this. I actually haven’t seen it, so let me know what you think afterwards! Somebody should. Anyways. Moving on.

Panic Room (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

This is one of those little gems of horror that turn up every once in awhile. It wasn’t a big-hit enough to spawn sequels, but all the same it’s a great, frightening film, and probably cheap if you want to buy it. I’d recommend giving it a shot this Halloween!

The Conjuring (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

It’s probably the best horror movie since 2000, and definitely one of the best. While immensely popular, it’s earned all of that fandom and is one of my favorite movies that I’ve seen. After watching it multiple times, I only like it more.

Might as well try it! What do you have to lose? (Your head)

The Cabin in the Woods (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

Another odd but surprisingly good movie, this has one of the weirdest endings of all time and is just a WEIRD movie. But also a great one. I enjoyed just about everything in this, especially when everybody dies and haha just kidding nobody dies. Or do they. They might. No spoiler alert here. Just watch it already.


If you want to check out some more scary movies I’ve reviewed and rated, see my list of movies here.


For Fun:

Hocus Pocus (1993) (Rotten Tomatoes review)

Why is it here? 

Because!!!! I said so. Now go watch it. Or else. It’s Halloween.

Prefer scary? Go back up to the list.




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