Movie Review: Sinister 2

Since this first Sinister movie was like the best thing ever, I figured I should probably watch the second one. So, on a Friday night, I shut off all the lights and got down to business, hoping it would freak me out.

Read on to see if I was right 😉

sinister 2 kids


  • Beginning

People getting burned on crosses, and it all happening in a little kid’s dreams… Yeah, that’s alright. Scare-factor though? Not much. We all knew this would happen.

But then there’s a closet…there’s always a closet…AH HIS FACE! (I’m writing this as I watch the movie if you can’t tell).

And then a creepy confession. *Praying hands everybody*

  • Complicated Characters

There are so many levels to the characters, and so many mysterious things happening. It’s great.

Sometimes, horror movies fall shortly simply because of the characters. If I don’t feel connected to them, I don’t care if they get chopped up. But these… they’re different. They’re great characters, and they make the movie much better because of it.

  • Kids

Gosh, those kids. Doesn’t matter which Sinister movie you choose.

In this one, actually, they’re even more scary. They glow… like angels. But oh boy. They are not angels.

And their voices. So calm. Pshh, doesn’t fool me. I know what they’re going to do.

What they’ve already done.

  • BONUS: Creative Ways To Kill People

Wanna know what I mean?

Watch the movie.

There are burning coals, dental tools (shiver), chainsaws (of course), and good Lord good Lord good Lord not the rats.


  • Predictability

One of the reasons sequels are so hard -especially in the Horror genre- is because you know what’s gonna happen basically. That’s definitely something this movie struggles with.

Despite that, Sinister 2 has enough unique qualities to keep it entertaining and interesting. Most of this comes from the characters (see above).

  • Fear Factor

This one kind of goes with the one above, but oh well.

It’s just difficult to be scared by something that you’ve already seen before mainly. The mystery and drama of the first one isn’t there anymore. It’s a sequel, but unless you haven’t seen the first one it’s hard to be scared as much by it.


Sequels are very difficult, but Sinister 2 is one of the better ones. I’d highly recommend watching it, because what else are you gonna do? It’s still scary. Just be sure to watch with all the lights out.

It has some of the most disturbing parts ever. Ever. In any movie. Geez.

And if you see that scary dude walking towards you, on any screen of yours…


“We haven’t watched the best ones yet. And besides, you won’t have any bad dreams tomorrow -or tonight- if you watch another.” Said the lying little murderer.

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