First Review of My Abigail

Thanks to the lovely folks over at Reader’s Favorite, I now have the first review for My Abigail!!

my abigail

Review Rating:
4 stars.

Reviewed By Jessyca Garcia for Readers’ Favorite

My Abigail by David Kummer is an intriguing and sometimes confusing story. Abigail has a secret and everyone but Caleb seems to know what it is. After Caleb learns the secret, he wishes that he’d never found out the truth.

I had mixed feelings about My Abigail. The story started out really well. Kummer had me going crazy wondering what Abigail’s secret was. I thought for sure I had it figured out, but I was not even close. The truth, I thought, was a little unbelievable. I had questions as to why Caleb could not figure out at least part of the secret. I even thought that perhaps Abigail was just a figment of Caleb’s imagination.

Kummer did a great job at coming up with a plot that is so complex and unique. It is one that I have never read before. I actually had to reread the end again to make sure I understood what happened. Even now I am not sure I got it completely. At times Kummer’s description of what occurs in the story is a little vague. This made it a little hard for me to follow and know exactly what was happening. In the end, Kummer goes back and fills in some of the blanks. This answered some of my questions but also created more. I can see this being a good book for a book club to discuss. If you like a book with plot twists, then this may be the book for you.


I’m thrilled to have this first review and very grateful to Jessyca Garcia. If you’d like to join in on the fun and read the book, buy it here, or come to the release party on March 26th. (More info here).

Until next time!!


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