What’s in a name? (My Abigail Edition)


When is a book actually almost, almost-ready? When you have names for all the chapters.

winkmy abigail

Now, finally, I have names for all the chapters. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, even Chapter 98. (Just kidding, I only have 14 chapters. I’m not James Patterson. That guy must like numbers.)

And so, without making you wait any longer, here are the 14 names (you might need a dictionary. That’s the point, though):

Chapter 1 Minished

Chapter 2 Respite

Chapter 3 Abjure

Chapter 4 Cairn

Chapter 5 Bare

Chapter 6 Waylay

Chapter 7 Purloin

Chapter 8 Lucifer

Chapter 9 Twine

Chapter 10 Malefactor

Chapter 11 Cloven

Chapter 12 Zenith

Chapter 13 Hades

Chapter 14 Myriad

Are you interested yet? Come on, man. Can I get even a little credit for those chapter titles? Just a smidge? Just a slice?

If you are, pre-order your copy or you could even check it out on Goodreads.

And in case you forgot, both As Trees Turned Away and She: A Horror Novel will be on sale for FREE on Sunday and Monday 🙂


Election time is coming up!! How are you all feeling? Do I got some Trumpies in the house? Who wants to cruise with Cruz? Anybody wanna play bingo with..um..that Rubio guy? Who wants Ben Carson to do brain surgery on them?

ME! (to all of those.)

Good thing, I can’t vote, eh?

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