Review Requests for MY ABIGAIL.

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If you are interested, I have a novella about 20,000 words long that is still in the editing stages but will published sometime in April or May. If you would like, you can read it and then review it on Amazon once I put it up, available for pre-ordering.

Since I know that reading something like that takes a lot of work, I can offer you a short story that I think you will enjoy in exchange for your time. Also, if you have a short story or novella that you would like reviewed (if you are an author like me), I can do that too, as well as post a review on here.

Just let me know at

The description for this book (still a work in progress, I must admit) is below:

Abigail had a secret.
I knew it soon after meeting her.
She was different than other girls, and not just because she actually showed some interest in me. She was really different. I loved it. I loved her.
But Abigail had a secret.
Damian told me so, the first time I met him. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. He wasn’t trustworthy. He wasn’t nice. He was a terrifying figure, the embodiment of fear. But he was right.
She had a secret.
I’m sorry I keep repeating it. It’s still hard to believe. How could somebody so gentle, nice, and loving be so… scary?
That’s the only word I knew to describe her after it all ended. Everything about her being was scary.
Abigail was my life, I told myself. She was my everything.
She left me with nothing.
If she was my life, did that make the final result suicide?

Thank you and if you have any suggestions regarding that ^^ let me know. I always appreciate criticism.

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