Book Announcements: Under The Burning Sky; My Abigail

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I have two works that are still in progress at the moment, but I’d like to give you an update on both of them. One of them is a novella called My Abigail, the other a full-length novel with a title still undecided. It will be somewhere along the lines of Under The Burning Sky.

(I’ll add pictures of the book covers once I get them.)

For details and a description, continue reading below:

Under The Burning Sky

Release Date Goal: Middle to Late June

Genre: Literary Fiction or Adventure

This book is the first in a lot of things. It will be my longest novel when completed, my first step outside of the Horror, Suspense, Thriller genre. Yes, I’m going to call it a Literary Fiction novel, but it will not be boring and there will still be some action/adventure/mystery so don’t fret.

Also, this book will actually be two books, split up into two good-sized novels. The plan is a Part 1 publication in June, a Part 2 publication sometime in November, and then both of them combined around Christmas-time. (Written in 2016)

Description (in progress):




Oceans separate them, mountains divide them, culture forces them apart. They don’t know the other exists. They have no idea of what’s in store for them. Neither wanted a friend. Neither wanted a change.

Fate will bring them together.

One from America, one from Haiti. Unable to communicate through speaking. At odds with the world, with their countries, with their homelands. Cursing themselves, hating their past, afraid of the future.

The only way to survive is together.

The only way to find home is to leave it.


My Abigail

my abigail

all credit for the picture on the cover goes to Karoly Mezei (who has taken some OUTSTANDING photos. Check them out.)

Release Date: March 30*

*National I Am In Control Day. See what I did there? Ohhh yeah.

Available for pre-order: RIGHT NOW!!!

Genre: Mystery or Suspense

This is my first attempt at a novella, and this particular one is around 30,000 words long. I really enjoyed writing this book. The final chapter, in fact, was originally a short story. As I wrote, it just kind of clicked that it would be a perfect addition. A few name changes later, and we were all set.

Description (in progress):

Abigail had a secret.

I knew it soon after meeting her.

She was different than other girls, and not just because she actually showed some interest in me. She was really different. I loved it. I loved her.

But Abigail had a secret.

Damian told me so, the first time I met him. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. He wasn’t trustworthy. He wasn’t nice. He was a terrifying figure, the embodiment of fear. But he was right.

She had a secret.

I’m sorry I keep repeating it. It’s still hard to believe. How could somebody so gentle, nice, and loving be so… scary?

That’s the only word I knew to describe her after it all ended. Everything about her being was scary.

Abigail was my life, I told myself. She was my everything.

She left me with nothing.

If she was my life, did that make the final result suicide?

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