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Movie Review: The Stepfather (2009)

There's something about horror movies from around 2010... With a few exceptions, like the Conjuring, they're almost always very "of that time." There's no escaping the low-rise jeans, the stereotypical gamer kid, and genre tropes by the dozens. It feels like everybody was making the exact same type of movies, with jump scares, shallow characters, … Continue reading Movie Review: The Stepfather (2009)

Movie Review: Conjuring 3 (And Full Series)

The new Conjuring movie completes one of the greatest horror threequels ever put to film. Not only that, it reminds the audience of how good the first two were, how genre-defining this series turned out to be. I realized I hadn't written a full review of the first or second one, so I'll lump in … Continue reading Movie Review: Conjuring 3 (And Full Series)

Movie Review: A Quiet Place (Pt. 2)

From the instant the lights dim, A Quiet Place 2 is remarkably different. It opens with a brief thank-you video from John Krasinski, who has been extremely understanding of the plight audiences face in returning to theaters. He is earnest and hopeful, both in his message and in his movie. Another thing: There are no … Continue reading Movie Review: A Quiet Place (Pt. 2)

One Month Out: A World of Thanks

At the start of this whole process, I had little to no idea how I would promote the book Everything, Somewhere. I knew that the Madison area would be a huge part in its success, whether it sold 1,000 copies or 10. Most of that hinged on if local businesses would take a risk and … Continue reading One Month Out: A World of Thanks