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Stuff for Quarantine

Since the majority of us will be in some form of isolation for at least the next month, I've put together a list of some of my personal favorites. Modern, classics, whatever you're looking for. I don't usually write about music I enjoy on this blog, since this site centers on books and movies for … Continue reading Stuff for Quarantine

Three New Stories

3 stories, 20,000 words. This is a little something for your isolation. I've attached a short description for each one below and the genres it fits into. I think you'll enjoy these stories. All of them have a different experience waiting for you, different experiences and moments that morphed into these stories. You'll find similarities … Continue reading Three New Stories

20 Horror Movies Coming 2020 (Actually just 10)

Here's a short and snappy rundown of some horror movies coming in 2020. You may be aware of some, but chances are you haven't heard them all! If there's any that look super interesting to you, let me know in the comments or comment on the Facebook post. The Grudge (Jan 3) This one's already … Continue reading 20 Horror Movies Coming 2020 (Actually just 10)

Looking Ahead: A Plan for 2020

At the beginning of pretty much every year, I like to jot down some stuff about the upcoming 12 months and let you all know what my plans are for the near future. Of course, these plans are all subject to change and there are plenty of "coming soon"s that never really come. We won't … Continue reading Looking Ahead: A Plan for 2020

Best Horror Movies of the 2010s: Award Show Style!

Welcome to 2020! Since that's out of the way, let's forget about the New Year one last time and take a trip through the decade we just left. Doesn't everyone climb out of the pool, dry off, get warm, and then jump back in one last time? That's basically what we're doing! I'll start you … Continue reading Best Horror Movies of the 2010s: Award Show Style!

Horror Movies of the Decade: Nomination List

Since I announced back in October that I'd be watching all kinds of horror movies and deciding which were the best, I've received a lot of submissions. Below, I've compiled the submissions (and some of my own favorites) into a list of the top movies from the decade. Over the next month and a half, … Continue reading Horror Movies of the Decade: Nomination List

Cold Fire: A Short Story

Just in time for Halloween, I'll be releasing a handful of short stories here. They're all fairly short and varying degrees of spooky. We'll start off easy, with one that probably won't scare you, but it may stretch your brain. Read on below. ------------------------------------------------------- The wind was a whip, thrashing his face again and again, … Continue reading Cold Fire: A Short Story

End of Decade Awards

End of the 2010's. Which means one thing. We have to review the best horror movies of the last ten years. And to do that... I need your help. Over the month of December and early January, I'll be gouging my eyes out with your different favorites. I'll try to watch everything, but I'll make … Continue reading End of Decade Awards

Movie Review: Cult of Chucky (Guest Post)

--Written and Rated by Juliana-- I did not have high expectations of this movie and laughed the whole time. I never had any desire to watch Chucky but I was bored one night so I picked it up. The character Chucky is extremely popular so it had to be decent, I thought. I was expecting … Continue reading Movie Review: Cult of Chucky (Guest Post)