A Tale of 2+ McChickens

McChickens. Hurts so good.

Don’t wanna read? Then just do this: Donate money to charity and then watch as me and a friend eat 1 McChicken for every 15 dollars raised)

We chose Meals on Wheels for our GoFundMe charity. To read more about their work, click here.

Do you want to see me eat more McChickens in one day than any human should consume in their lifetime?

Do you also want to donate money to coronavirus relief? (Maybe some of that shiny new stimulus check.)

Then do both right here!

Quick Version

Me and a friend (Lucas for whoever knows him) really like McChickens. And when people donate to charities. As you might know, a lot of charities are doing really good work in coronavirus relief. So we want to give an incentive for you to donate.

We want you to donate money and in return we’ll eat some addictive, sodium-drenched McChickens. Like, a lot of them. Depending on how much you donate of course.

It’s simple. Donate some money and we’ll eat 1 McChicken for every 15 bucks raised. Wait a few weeks and then watch as we conquer McDonald’s greatest invention.


First, donate money. We’re thinking that for every 15 bucks we’ll eat one sandwich. There are lots of places you can give to, including this GoFundMe where 100% of the money will go to Meals on Wheels, a charity struggling with coronavirus relief that we chose.

But you can also give to places like on this list and also those on this list. Or really any place that is active in coronavirus relief. I don’t wanna put you in a box. All I ask is that you send a proof of your donation (be it a receipt, confirmation email, etc.) to my email davidkummer7@gmail.com. I’ll keep a running count of the money we’ve raised and how many sandwiches that equals.


After you donate money (and send me proof if it’s somewhere other than the GoFundMe), you just have to wait. This will probably be open for around 3 weeks (unless we don’t get many donations; then it’ll end earlier). At the end of it, we’ll find a day for me and Lucas to gorge ourselves on McChickens and probably cry.


After a few weeks of dread, Lucas and I will get together and eat these sandwiches. However many you decide to force down our throats. We may post a few videos or pictures or something. There will definitely be some content, if only so you can share in our sodium-rich ecstasy.

And that’s it! That’s the whole plan. It’s kind of vague. But please, please donate to these charities and make some good happen for some people out there. And some very bad happen for two people here. Don’t worry. We really, really love McChickens.

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