How to (try to) launch a book during finals week!?

Who had the brilliant idea to try and plan a book launch during the last week of school, when everyone is bogged down by final tests and projects (including me)?

Well, I guess that was me who had the idea.

Anyways, I’m trying a few new things this time around. My last two “big launches” have had differing success. She Watches, for instance, had a fantastic start with pre-orders and early-stage sales. It reached high on the Amazon charts, to the top 100k of books. By far the best performance I’ve had. And then… it dropped off and hasn’t really come back.

On the contrary, She had a very modest launch. Very few pre-orders, and not a big first week. Since then, though, it’s consistently been one of my best-selling titles each month.

So what’s the difference? Not sure. I have a feeling it’s reviews, and the number of requests I send out to independent bloggers (the real MVP’s), but that’s just a theory.

Either way, I have to plan my launch for Until We Burn, and right now I’m leaning towards something in the middle. I want to garner a lot of reviews, but also focus on a big launch. That’s why I’m paying for an advertisement on Amazon and an email list blast hosted by one of Ereader News Daily (which I had amazing success with before.)

What could you do to help? Well, please review because those are like gold, and tell your friends about the book. It’s the best one I’ve written 😉

 And now… back to pestering these bloggers.

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