The Name You NEED To Know

Jessica Hernandez is an indie author, who makes a very informative video series on Youtube, also has a great site where she will make book trailers for you, and yeah she writes some great books too!

Oh and did I mention she is genuinely one of the nicest people I know? I could tell you countless stories, but if you get to know her for yourself you’ll understand.

Here is a quick message from her:

  • As an author, I understand just how much work goes into making a book. I know that the work doesn’t end when the final draft of your manuscript is completed, for that is when marketing — a beast of an entirely different breed — slithers its way into the forefront of your mind. Suddenly, you find yourself trying to devise ways to call attention to your soon-to-be-released masterpiece — a difficult task, considering that hundreds of thousands of titles are published annually. As you prepare for your novel’s launch date, you lament in despair as the most unwelcome of questions hound you: will your novel stand out from the rest? If you’re looking to increase the likelihood that the answer to the preceding question will be a resounding yes, you must take action to pique both the curiosity and interest of readers. A book trailer is sure to be invaluable in this regard. When properly crafted, they can be an indispensable asset to one’s marketing arsenal. (They are particularly useful in the context of blog tours.) Let me help you garner your book attention. Let me design your book trailer.
Thanks, Jessica! This is about her first book, Capering on Glass Bridges. See what people on Amazon thought!

“What made me immerse myself into the book is the vivid descriptions that illuminate everything yet leave certain aspects to the imagination.”

“I truly look forward to reading more from the author and would highly recommend this book to anyone.”

“This is classic, world-building fiction with a YA focus.”

So, those book trailers. She made one for my very own My Abigail, and it’s pretty great! It’s also the first one she made, so she’s improving every day.

And she posts the videos on Youtube!

And they’re cheap!

If you haven’t decided yet, go to her book trailer site, or her Amazon Author Page, or her website and give her a chance. If you’re not sure, then just… do it. There’s no reason not to.

You may just meet the newest, best young author, and make a great friend along the way 😉


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