Sudden Death by Theresa Jacobs

My friend Theresa Jacobs recently published her newest (and most frightening yet) book called Sudden Death. It’s unique, terrifying, and I’ve been one of the lucky few to already read it! It released back on November 25, but chances are you haven’t heard of it. That changes now!

I’ll tell you like I said in my review on Amazon: Drop what you’re doing and get this!

Look at the Book’s Amazon Page

For sake of time, I’ve picked snippets from the sample. To download the entire thing, click here.

<><><> <><> <>

Phone in hand, Billy scrolled quickly with his thumb. He flicked the screen, so the pages flashed by unread. Finally, the image he wanted appeared, and he pressed down hard to stop it from moving on. He had seen the ad on his Facebook profile earlier that day, but couldn’t get into it while his college Prof was droning on, so he waited.

The image was a zombie, of course, all the rage and what not, but it was the caption that caught his attention.

Sudden Death. The most realistic, horrific game of all time. Play now. FREE

Billy enjoyed horror movies and played some graphic games on his X-Box, like Resident Evil, and Dark Souls. None of them ever scared him. He took this one as a challenge and clicked the ad to read more.

Play Sudden Death If You Dare!

Must be 18 to Play

Real Time Real Life


He scrolled on past the disclaimer, game developer info and other boring stuff that he didn’t care about. “Okay let’s give it a whirl,” he mumbled to himself as he dug out his credit card, and entered it for age verification.

The screen flashed red, a laughing skull appeared and the words … You’ll be Sorry … the image disappeared, and the screen went back to Facebook.

Billy shook his phone, well what the hell? He scrolled through his Facebook page again. The game wasn’t showing up. He clicked over to his settings and looked for downloads, nothing there either. So he found the Play store button and went into it, typed in “Sudden Death,” some crappy old 80’s movies showed, but only one game, and it was Soccer.

… … …

He laughed as he turned a corner and out the main entrance, back into the falling night. Biting into a chocolate chip cookie, he thought; College life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Now, what am I going to do with the rest of my night? He didn’t have any classes until the morning. His phone suddenly chimed, and opportunity rings, he thought as he balanced his food in one arm and dug out his phone from his jacket pocket. He pressed the side button to wake it up. The screen flashed dark red and words melted into view … Warning Death Imminent

“What the…” Billy thumbed his screen to see if it would change, but nothing happened, the warning kept flashing. “Oh man, this game is a Hack! Shit.” He cursed, not paying attention to where he was walking and followed the path between two brick buildings. The smell of garbage roused him. He looked up, he was in a dark alley, with no light, and a dead-end. “Oops,” he stopped and tried to shut his phone off; so the flashing wouldn’t kill his battery. His phone wouldn’t even respond to the power button.

“Ah fuck it.” He rammed his phone back into his pocket, he’d figure it out later.

… … …

“Hello?” He called into the darkness. “Help? I can’t see.”

He reached out to find a wall. He knew there would be two brick walls around him. His hand searched blindly to touch something, anything. Suddenly his hands felt a face before him, it was hot and sticky to the touch, he pulled his fingers back quickly. He screamed and jerked back tripping over his own heels and fell hard onto his ass.

The alley brightened with a pulsing red glow and fog rose from the cement. Billy shuffled backward. “Who are you? What’s going on?” He questioned whomever it was that he had just touched.

Suddenly the ground beneath him began to melt. He felt the cold hard cement turn hot and mushy, and he looked around wildly for a way out. “What the fuck is happening!” He cried out as the ground turned to hot jelly and he felt as though he was sinking into quicksand. He scrambled for footing, trying to get back to his feet so he could run. But he was not able to buy. His feet dipped in further, encasing them up to his ankles.

… … …

His phone dropped near the wall, continued to flash… GAME OVER!

<><><> <><> <>

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this brief piece of the book. If you want to buy the whole thing, go to the Amazon page.

Keep your eye out for this author! There are great things coming from her.

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