She: A Horror Novel- #5 on


(Not very good graphics on that, I know. Bear with me.)

So, over the past few days, I’ve had a free book giveaway on for She. (Print Version, which for some reason is not together with the Kindle version yet. Takes them a while, I suppose.) I apologize for not posting anything about it on here, but it happened really suddenly and I was busy working on my review of Insidious 3. 

Anyways, the first day started off very strong, selling 29 free units. (Is it still selling when there’s no profit? I don’t know.) The second was slightly less productive, but still amassed 26 units sold. At this point, I remembered one of my favorite parts about the giveaways: The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (circled in the picture.)

When a book is up for a free giveaway, the rank changes. Instead of showing a book’s place on the Paid in Kindle Store list, it shows up in the Free in Kindle Store list. This is always interesting. As Trees Turned Away,  for example, got into the teens on Short Stories in such and such category. I don’t remember exactly, but I was pretty thrilled. So you can imagine my shock when it was #11 yesterday.

Well, today we have sold another 22 units. It’s the final day, so I logged on to see what the rank was. And it was #5! I mean, sure, that’s like five categories down from the main Kindle Store list, but it’s still a category! So, yeah I’m excited.

Time for ice cream I’d say.


Turn the page. Trace the plot. Tempt the panic.

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