“She” the horror novel now available

SHE - a horror novelMy latest publication is now available on Amazon.

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest project. It’s a full length novel titled “SHE” and will be popular with the fans of my previous collection of suspense short stories.

Here is a little of the book description, more teasers to come soon.

She Watches Always. Michael’s only a typical teenager in a small rivertown. Along with his three friends, he grows up and survives school; he laughs at jokes and gets to know the town around him. But everything changes one night when his sister is taken.

Everything is different for him and his friends, as their friendly town begins to feel and look more sinister. With the help of a detective, they uncover secrets and plots that point towards the only hope for saving his sister. Together, they will face the enemy that threatens their town, their lives, and the future of everyone they love. It is the adversary with many faces and none; the foe that cannot be killed and was never born. Suspenseful, mysterious, and full of twists, She will engage and astound you. Turn the page, change the plot.


Turn the page. Trace the plot. Tempt the panic.

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