“As Trees Turned Away” Available Now on Amazon

As Trees Turned Away - Short Stories by David KummerMy first collection of short stories is now available on Amazon.

The Kindle edition is almost free (or actually free if you’re a member of Amazon Prime).

From the peculiar writing mind of David Kummer comes 26 stories of horror and mystery. If you dare, take a walk with me through the dark recesses of an up-and-coming author’s creative soul as you discover secrets and travel through the mist of time to different places, where you meet different people in different circumstances.

This, the newest alphabet, is one of terror and utmost suspense. For the bravest of readers, dwelling too long in this world of shadows will bring only shock and scars. For those who are unwilling to enter, the horrors spoken of will be none the less existent. Somewhere, somehow, they will find you

Be watching for daily deals and free book promotions. I’ll keep you all updated on here as they happen.


Turn the page. Trace the plot. Tempt the panic.

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