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Wattpad (History of Enden)

If you have any questions about the map, cities, rivers, or where anything is located, email me at I would love and need to know how to improve the map!



Full Map-


**stars mark capitals**

1 Ildebel Falls 6 Eastport 11 Chore 16 Amethyst 21 Lovel the Village 26 Tryadine
2 Ackald Lake 7 *Glenwood* 12 *Blackstone* 17 Oakston 22 Fort Kingston 27 Larn
3 Falls of the Saic 8 *Henworth* 13 Birchwood 18 *Wursburn* 23 Pentland 28 Millsville
4 South River 9 Harwood 14 Stonebridge 19 Annex 24 Drumgod 29 Acton
5 Durview 10 Rurojo 15 Moslow 20 *Eagleview* 25 Sutton Glenn 30 Morefall



Map of Cities (download)


Map of Countries and Borders (download)


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