For Readers

So what’s the point of this blog? A few things.

You can find some movie reviews here, lots of those, and some book review whenever I get around to it. There’s mostly horror in those categories. I’ll be posting some short stories, some book excerpts, and anything else I write.

This is just a website to introduce myself to you. You’ll find more of my spooky stories, and how other horror influenced my own books, when you look in my books.

I write in a way that almost anybody can relate to. I try not to use “big words” or confuse the reader with strange descriptions and lots of over-the-top, high-brow writing. If you’re gonna pick up a book by me, you’ll skim through it. Lots of suspense and lots of different genres, even!

Even if you don’t like horror, I have plenty of other kinds. Mystery, thrillers, suspense, fantasy. There’s something for everyone. Once you pick up one, you’ll want to get the rest πŸ˜‰

Until then, check out the free stuff link below and read some of the movie reviews. I’ve found some fascinating horror movies that anybody can appreciate. I’m sure you can find one right up your alley!



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