Guest Post: V.M. Sang On Her Latest Book

Today I’ve got a guest post from a friend of mine, an author who I’ve known and worked with for a few years. She’s here to talk about her latest release, the second book in a series, so check out what she has to say below. V.M. Sang will talk about her inspiration behind the novel and give some more details about it, including some of the historical background that heavily influences the story.

Without waiting any longer, here she is!

Inspiration for the series A Family Through the Ages.

When I was still at school, I went with a friend and her
family for a day walking in the Peak District. This is an
area in the north west of England and comprises moorland
hills. It’s a beautiful part of the country, but it can be a bit
bleak at times, especially in the winter, but in the autumn,
when the heather is in full bloom it’s truly beautiful.

While we were walking we came across the ruins of what
had been a large house. By the look of the remains, it had
been a Georgian mansion. Of course, we speculated as to
why it had been left to fall into decay.

The odd thing was that there did not appear to be a village
close by, nor any obvious roads, although they could also
have gone in the intervening years. If a road had been
present, perhaps it only led to the house.

The years passed, and every so often I thought about this
house, but it was not until many years (decades, in fact)
later that I decided to imagine its history.

By this time I’d written several fantasy books, but this was
not going to be fantasy. Much thought and research was
going to be needed.

I had an idea of how this house came about. I put it in the
13th century. Then I thought I would write something of the
history of the family before the building.

Where to begin. Families go back forever. I decided that I
would start with someone who came to this country with
the Romans, and Adelbehrt and his sister were born. They
came as slaves from what is now Germany. (His story is
told in Vengeance of a Slave).

Then, I thought about what was the next big event to hit
these islands. It was obviously the Viking invasions, in
particular the Great Heathen Army, which was more than
a raid like others had been. The Vikings were here to stay.

So I began the tale of Helgha, a young girl who was
descended from Adelbehrt through her mother.
This book is called Jealousy of a Viking and has recently
been released.

Here’s something about it:

After Helgha meets Erik in the woods surrounding her home
near Jorvik – modern day York – she learns that he is lost, and
helps him by taking him into her home for the night.

In time, the two grow close, much to the anxiety of her parents
as there is no message from his father suggesting a betrothal,
but Erik behaves as though they are betrothed. Soon, they learn
that there is another reason why Erik has not asked her to marry

With the honour of their family at stake, Helgha’s father takes
drastic measures to rectify the situation. Amid the bloodshed
and danger of the medieval times, can Helgha find happiness for
herself and her family?

This book contains graphic violence and is not suitable for
readers under the age of 18

You can buy the book from Amazon by following this link.

It is available, currently, as an ebook and a paperback, but
will soon be out in other formats, too.

Thanks for sharing! You can also check out more about V.M. Sang and the book on Goodreads, Twitter @VM_Sang, or on the website

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