Looking Ahead: A Plan for 2020

At the beginning of pretty much every year, I like to jot down some stuff about the upcoming 12 months and let you all know what my plans are for the near future. Of course, these plans are all subject to change and there are plenty of “coming soon”s that never really come. We won’t talk about those, because I have enough to do at the moment.

Most of you know a little bit about what I’ve been working on. The Decay, of course, is a constant work in progress and I’ve taken some big steps on that path recently. Even though the project is slightly behind schedule… Just read on below to find out what I’ve been up to.

There’s also been some interest in what’s happening with my fantasy series moving forwards and why I haven’t put it back on Amazon after taking it down for substantial rewrites. I’ll also give a quick update about that below and hopefully answer some questions as to a potential timeline.

1. The Decay

This is the really important work in progress at the moment and has the bulk of my attention. If you’re up to date and you read about the 10 hints I gave, you have a little bit idea of what this book’s about. Maybe you even read an advanced copy, if you’re subscribed to my newsletter!

The big news recently is that I found a fantastic editor who combed the book and gave me back a ton of stuff to work on. (Find her on Twitter here.) Those edits have really improved the book so far, and I’ve only just done the easy, preliminary ones. I still have to dig in deeper and deal with the harder errors to fix. Hopefully I can get all that done in the next month or so and start the long, tedious search for a publisher!

That’s about all I can tell you for now. Hopefully I’ll be back with good news before too long 🙂

2. Fantasy Novel

At the same time I had that awesome editor reading through my book, I had someone else creating a brand new, hyper-detailed map for Enden. Why, you might ask? Well, the truth is I wanted something that resembled more of what I had in my mind. I also wanted to do something active in regards to the novel, so I thought that having a new map created would be great. It didn’t cost much, so why not?

The map turned out great and one of these days I’ll share it with you, but you probably want to know about the first book and how it’s going. The rewrites went by without a hitch. I took a break after that to focus on The Decay and that break is ongoing. However, Enden is probably gonna be on the back-burner for a little while longer (read below).

If I had to estimate, I’d say I’d get it done towards the end of this summer or next Christmas break. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I’ll wrap up the first book and begin progress on the second. But, you know, no promises.

3. Improvements/New Book

The most important “project” of the last few months has just been taking a lot of time to read more books. Whether that’s fiction, writing craft books, or articles, I’ve been doing a lot of work to improve my writing skills and storytelling. I think, whenever you read The Decay, you’ll be able to see a little bit of that improvement.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The journey to improve continues, as does the reading and writing of new material. I think the growth will continue over the next few months and lead to a great summer of writing.

I’m hoping to plan a new book by then and churn it out over the summer. Something new, exciting, and challenging. The question, for now, is what that book will be. Chances are I’ll self-publish it while waiting for The Decay to find a publishing home, so that might be the next book you read of mine.

Of course, if you’re eager for something new, I have plenty of books at Amazon that you can read or buy for someone else.

Meanwhile, I’m off to improve, to write, and hopefully find a home for this book. Wish me luck! Comment below or on Facebook with what your 2020 plans are and what you’re most excited for, no matter what event that is!

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