The End (Gold Collection Release)

It’s not an exaggeration to say that writing got me through high school. More specifically, these books did. So I guess it’s only natural that as I say goodbye to high school, I also say goodbye to these. As I face the daunting task of college, I face the blurry next phase of my writing career.

If you’re missing any of the books or want to read the bonus material, buy it here. You’re getting 5 books, and I won’t ask for your money for at least eight months.

This is the last article I’ll write about The Gold Collection, at least for the foreseeable future. But I wanted to go through, one last time, and reinforce what these books mean to me. To you, it may be just a story. To me, it’s months of writing, months of editing, an entire learning process, an entire promotion campaign, speaking events, booths, awkward conversations, and 18 years of experiences, all wrapped inside a 200-page novel. Multiplied by 5.

As Trees Turned Away was the first adventure. I learned how to plot, how to write dialogue, and how to go through the entire publishing process. The book is no longer available on Amazon, because the stories aren’t something I want to be my introduction to new readers. They read more like online creepy-pasta, but the plots are solid, and the jump scares effective.

She was the first complete novel that I wrote, and still is one of my longer works. It’s the only novel I wrote while listening to music. I still remember the exact spot and computer that I wrote the entire novel on. It was also the first time I did any sort of promoting online, and connected me with a few authors that I’m still friends with today.

She Watches was the best pre-order I’ve had, and the most successful first month in terms of sales and reviews. It completed the two-book series, taught me about writing sequels (and how much I still had to learn), and was the first book that I published on my own, with no help from my dad. This book also led to a lot of connections in the author world, and prompted me to join that great devil of Facebook.

My Abigail… I honestly can’t say enough about the book, and I already wrote an entire article on it, so I won’t bore you again with the details. It did a lot for me personally and in terms of learning the landscape of publishing. I sought out reviewers, conducted a pre-order promotion, and learned how to (unsuccessfully) launch a book.

Until We Burn is a very different book. I put a lot of effort and energy into writing the story and particularly the ending. I wanted to market this book to all different audiences and not just horror readers, so it is more of a mystery. There are certainly elements of thrill and scare to it, but what good book doesn’t have a few nerve-wracking scenes, right?

Altogether, this is the gold collection.

My complete high-school works. The last four years of my life. And now I say goodbye, to chase something larger, something unknown. A destination with no name or face, but that pulls like a magnet.

I’ll see you there.

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