A Summary of Home’s Release (And a free read)

Wow, it’s been some kind of week. Click on the third picture for your giveaway 😉

On August 1st, I released “Home: A Dystopian Journey.” You can buy that on Amazon by clicking here. A lot went into that release, from a last-second book trailer to managing my expectations. The pre-order numbers weren’t great, so I was worried that people wouldn’t end up buying it. On top of that, Home is the shortest book I’ve ever published (just over 60 pages on Kindle), so I had to make the physical book a lot smaller than normal. As in, fits-your-pocket small.

Just over a week after, looking back, I can see that everything went perfectly. Home already has three reviews on Amazon, all of them 5-stars. (You can review on Amazon, too, and possibly win a FREE copy of The Gold Collection by doing so. That’s 5 books!) It reached higher on the Amazon charts than any of my previous releases, especially in the paperback categories. And hopefully there are more reviews/sales on the way!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing a post on here about the future, and what the next 8-12 months will be like. Spoiler alert: there won’t be many new books. But for now, I’m just enjoying the moment.

Most of you have already heard, but Home was written right after my grandpa died and when I was dealing with the end of high school. It was a very intense, very thoughtful time for me, and that shows up through my writing. I can’t overstate how happy I am that the book’s been well-received and that it’s acting as the instigator for some deep thinking.

In just one week, The Gold Collection will release. It won’t sell as many, since it’s just a collection of everything I’ve written so far (with a lot of bonus material), but it’s still a book release. That’s always exciting. It’s also the end of this stage in my career. I’ll write more on that when it happens, but suffice to say this Home release is dear to me, because it’ll be the last new thing I publish for a while.

But of course, none of this is possible without you. That’s why I have a special thank-you gift. Just click on the image below.

I’ve been teasing “The Decay” (working title) for a while. Way back in August of 2018, I released a series of 10 hints about the book. Then it was delayed in the spring while I thought about seeking an agent for it. I still may go that route, but either way the book won’t be published until March/April at the earliest.


Which is why I’m giving away 50 free copies of the first chapter. Just click on that image and you can grab yours today 🙂 Consider this my thank-you. I hope you enjoy.

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