Where have I been? (Announcing the Gold Collection)

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So… where have I been lately? Last you heard, I was working on rewriting Enden and writing a new book. That’s still true. I’ve pretty much finished the initial rewrite of Enden and am moving into the stages of editing and preparing. My new book has been put on hold. Why? Look below.

I’m super excited to announce……

The Gold Collection

What is the Gold Collection?

The Gold Collection is, in short, everything I’ve published during high school in one box set. That means As Trees Turned Away, She, She Watches, My Abigail, and Until We Burn. But not that in that order. I’ll release that later 😉

However, these won’t be just the books you read before. These will be new, improved, and fully edited. I’m well aware there were some issues with previous editions, and all of that will be cleaned up in this box set. To make it worth your time and money, there will also be new scenes, even whole chapters, as well as tons of author information. And, of course, a much better reading experience.

What is new?

While I can’t give you an exact amount of how much will be added, I’ll give you a few examples. I’m almost done editing She, and I’d say the book is about 25% different. There aren’t a ton of added scenes. BUT, in My Abigail, I have at least 4 new scenes, plus all the edits I’ll do. So that extended edition may end up being around 40% new material. When you take into account the questions I’ll answer and background information, we’re probably looking at almost a whole book’s worth of new, new, new.

When will it be released?

The Gold Collection will hopefully be released sometime in mid-August, right before I head off to college. Pre-orders will probably be available in late July, with the paperback copies both available to purchase before Labor Day. (That’s September 1st or something, right?) I’m working extremely hard to make these dates a reality, because I basically have to read and re-do five books between now and then. Wish me luck!

How much will it cost?

The Gold Collection, which will end up being over 200,000 words in all, will probably price somewhere around the 10$ range if we’re talking about e-books. As for print copies, it’ll be kind-of massive, and may get up near 20$. Keep in mind, that’s the price you’ll be paying for my entire body of work thus far in my career. And hey, who knows, maybe I’ll put together a hard-cover edition as well, just to say I did.

Why are you doing this? (Most important questions)

The most common question I’ll receive is Why? Why would I go back and mess with the five books that I’m published so far, after a good amount of people have already read them and even reviewed? Well, in the end, it boils down to dissatisfaction with my work. I realized, in the midst of my huge writing slump that started back in the Fall, that I was always worrying about the quality of my old books and how people viewed them. I knew they were sub-par, but not how to deal with it. So, I’ve decided to go back one last time, revise and repair, then bundle it all together. Think of it as the final packaging of everything I’ve accomplished writing in high school, and some closure before I move on to deeper, darker works.  

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