The Countdown Begins…

Some praise for the previous work. Trust me; this one’s even better.

Believe it or not, you can begin the countdown until my next book is published… kind of.

If you don’t remember, I took down Enden Book 1 from Amazon and began the long process of rewriting it towards the middle of last year. That new first draft, with around 90% new material and a completely different storyline, has to go through all the phases of editing, fixing, etc.

I’m very pleased with a lot of the changes I made, and I realize there are plenty more that need to be done. There are additional pages I need to create, better explaining the world, and ultimately I just want to make everything a more enjoyable, complete experience.

If you already follow my newsletter, then you’ll get a chance to help me form this book in the near future, through pre-release readings and sending me notes on what you found wrong. These beta readers will receive a free copy to dive into. That’s all in the future, though.

Until then, enjoy your March Madness, and I’ll get back to you with word an actually new book, hopefully soon. I’ll be taking a break from Enden, and the best way to fill a break is with… a horror book

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